Behind Enemy Lines: Part 2

Dan Leberfeld from Jets Confidential provides insight into the team he covers.

Q)What player has surprised you the most?

I would say safety Abram Elam. He was with the Dallas Cowboys last year, but was cut after training camp this summer. He had to play catch-up with the system, and grabbed a starting job two weeks ago. He leapfrogged both Erik Coleman and Eric Smith to take the job. He's a big hitter, something they need in the secondary. He is constantly around the ball.

He's a really good kid who overcame a tragic childhood in the ghetto of Riviera Beach, Florida. He's the kind of guy you root for.

Q)How has Revis played?

While he hasn't been perfect, you can see why the Jets traded up for this guy. I think he's going to be a star. He is smart, instinctive, fast and tough, and makes a lot of plays on the ball. And he's got great character.

His uncle is former NFL defensive end Sean Gilbert, who did a great job preparing Darrelle for the NFL.

He's going to be special, especially when the Jets get a pass rush.

Q)How big is the loss of Vilma?

Not that big a loss. His replacement last week, rookie David Harris, had 17 tackles. Vilma is a heck of a football player, but is a terrible fit for the Jets 3-4 defense. He's too small. He's more of a sideline-to-sideline tackle machine, than a 3-4 inside linebacker who has to constantly shed guards. The Jets have been in denial a little bit about Vilma being a bad fit, but now I think they realize it, and there is a good chance they will attempt to trade him in the off-season.

Q)What aspect of the team has been the most disappointing?

It's been the defense. They run defense has been a huge problem. The Jets are constantly getting pushed around up front, and the team's in getting gashed on almost a weekly basis. And the pass rush hasn't been much better. They are dire need of a big-time pass rushing outside linebacker in the next draft.

Expect the Jets to be very active this off-season attempting to add defensive pieces.

Q)What's your prediction for Sunday?

I think the game is a toss-up. Neither team has been very impressive on offense, and have had offensive line issues. The Redskins have a better defense, but the loss of Carlos Rogers hurts the depth in the secondary, and Marcus Washington might not play.

I don't like to make score predictions, but I see this as a 16-13 type game one way or the other.

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