They Said What?

A lot was said after yesterday's home loss against the New Orleans Saints. The Redskins lost with the score 43-27. We have compiled the after game quotes here for you.

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, ''It's pitiful watching us play right now. A game that basically we're not smart enough to give ourselves a chance to win. All the careless penalties, careless turnovers, third-down defense, special teams play. We looked like we didn't care if we won the game or not.''

Spurrier, ''We're tyring to find out the guys that want to bust their tail and play their assignments. Those that don't, we've got to make changes if we can't get them to play disciplined. We looked like a poorly coached team, offense, defense and special teams. Until we get some consistent effort, discipline and responsibility, then we're going to struggle all year.''

Spurrier, ''Patrick got off to a rough start, but after that he hung in there and did the best he could. He hit a few here and there. He played like a rookie quarterback.''

Spurrier, ''Patrick just has to go play and learn and hopefully try to correct these mistakes. He's just going to play through it. He's got a lot of potential. But we can't ask him to throw 50 passes every game, that's for sure.''

Saints S Jay Bellamy, ''Well, if [Spurrier] wanted him to take his lumps, today was a good day for it. I'm quite sure Ramsey will watch the film, see what he did wrong and be a better quarterback.''

Saints DE Darren Howard, ''Anytime you pressure a rookie quarterback like Patrick Ramsey he's going to give you some plays and he threw the ball up a lot of times. I couldn't believe how many times we were picking him off. We hit him a lot. He was slow getting up. We stayed in his ear and came out with the win.''

Redskins QB Patrick Ramsey, ''You can probably thorw the blame around all you want, but ultimately I threw the ball. I've just got to learn to do it more efficiently.''

Ramsey, ''Everything that could've gone wrong went wrong.''

New Orleans coach Jim Haslett, ''Patrick is a smart kid. I thought we had good pressure on him. I told the defense we will get some chances for turnovers and we have to get them. We thought he had so much confidence in his arm that he would throw into coverage and take his shots and our guys would have opportunities to catch them. And they did.''

Redskins LB LaVar Arrington, ''I don't look at it as a bad game. Even with everything that happened, we still could have won. I'll take that with me and go home with that.''

Arrington, ''You can't let someone slap you around and eat your food and walk away like nothing happened. You've got to fight and guard your home. Somehow, someway, we have to establish that.''

Arrington, ''This team has a lot of charcater and a lot of athletes. Whenever you have that, things will work themselves out. We have the components to do what we need to do.''

Redskins LT Chris Samuels, ''We knew that Patrick was a young guy and at times it can get rough out there for him. We had to protect him and we didn't get that done. That caused him to get hit so many times and bad passes follow that.''

Samuels on Howard, ''He's a pretty good player. We were in a lot of passing situations so he was pinning his ears back and coming to the quarterback. It was pretty easy on his part.''

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