Spurrier wants change

Once more Steve Spurrier vowed to make changes after a loss. We hope he's serious this time. Because the Redskins need to make at least a few changes after Sunday's 43-27 loss to New Orleans.

The question is, where? Some of the areas are obvious. The Redskins need to do something along the offensive line. They need to shore up the secondary. They need to improve the special teams.

All areas contributed mightily to Sunday's debacle. Patrick Ramsey threw four interceptions and at least a few others should have been picked off. But he was under constant pressure, with New Orleans recording an unofficial 20 hurries.

Redskins offensive line coach Kim Helton wasn't ready after the game to rip his unit, saying they didn't play that badly. He has to be kidding. Larry Moore hasn't helped much at center and Wilbert Brown certainly wasn't the answer at left guard.

The secondary must get better play from its safeties. But can they? Ifeanyi Ohalete needs to play more, just to see what he can do. Let the other two rotate if they must. Ohalete is still learning, but at least he makes plays. Sam Shade, among the classiest players, is a major liability in coverage and David Terrell has never made his presence felt.

And the special teams needs changes, too. We'd like to single out one guy for the breakdowns, leading to the two touchdowns. But how can you? No one even touched Michael Lewis--on either return. That's astounding.

But, the problem is, who else do you put in there? The Redskins don't have many alternatives.

We'd also like to see a new kick returner. Ladell Betts is no threat to do anything back there and Kenny Watson is only a shade better. But Washington didn't account for this area during the preseason--the Redskins (read: Spurrier) didn't want just a returner. So now they have mediocrity at best.

It would be nice if Spurrier could make changes that would help all areas. But that would mean Washington has lots of choices among its backups. We're not sure that's the case. The Redskins will simply have to get better. Fast.

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