Ten Spot Review: Redskins 23, Jets 20 (OT)

Here is a review of the ten spot and how we did at predicting for the Jets game.

1. We asked: Are the Redskins over last week's debacle?

We thought the Redskins had moved past the New England game and onto the Jets. They played physical vs. New York, evidence that the Redskins were playing with more urgency. The Redskins did not play as if they had a mental hangover.

2. We asked: Will that offense meeting have an impact on this game?

We said no. And we stick by that, despite the rushing yards, etc., that Washington put up. That had a lot to do with the Jets being one of the NFL's worst run defenses than any meeting the Redskins had. Again, it made for good copy, but do you think much would have been different about this game if the offensive players had not had that meeting?

3. We asked: Can Clinton Portis still get it done?

We said, Sure, why not? We also thought it would be just like him to have a big game the same week when people were stsarting to wonder about hm. Bingo. Portis showed more life than in any game this season, but the Jets' D helped out tremendously.

4. We asked: What happens if Marcus Washington doesn't play?

We didn't think they would miss him and we were right. Turns out Pierson Prioleau played a lot as the Redskins used a bunch of nickel coverages. Prioleau was OK; he missed a few tackles, but contributed one big hit that helped cause a fumble. Chris Wilson continues to make strides as a rush end and shows a quickness Washington does not have. Randall Godfrey played some. Washington perhaps could have subbed for Rocky McIntosh in coverage.

5. We asked: What impact will the loss of Carlos Rogers have?

We thought it would be a bigger one than Washington's absence. But, for this game, that really wasn't the case. Fred Smoot played fine in Rogers' absence and the safeties had a good game, too. The coverage issues were mostly underneath stuff.

6. We asked: What is a key matchup defensively?

Andre Carter vs. left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Carter had one sack and made a few plays backside; Ferguson had a holding penalty that wiped out a run to the 3-yard line. I wouldn't say Carter won, but I will say he showed up more than he did a week ago.

7. We asked: How are the Jets defensively?

Not good. That was the answer before and after the game. The Jets have a big nose tackle who does not move well laterally and the Redskins attacked them by forcing him to do so. Casey Rabach won that battle. We also thought the Redskins had do improve in blitz pickup and they were much better Sunday. It helped that Jason Campbell did not drop back much.

8. We asked: What problems does Kellen Clemens present?

His big arm and mobility were the problems. And both were evident Sunday. Clemens, though, also had some moxie. He did not back down after being hit a few times. He stepped up in the pocket and slid out of the pocket other times. The Redskins' front four did not pressure him enough. They blitzed a lot to try and get him to unload the ball in a hurry, but he did not make many horrible throws. Sad to say, if you had to pick one young QB of the two who played, you'd have to go with Clemens. At least based on this game. Campbell has been stagnant at best the past few games.

9. We asked: Will the Redskins turn more conservative offensively?

Didn't think so. We thought they would run the ball, but also take some downfield shots. And they did take a couple; Santana Moss was open once, but overthrown. That stemmed from the success of the ground game. The Redskins stayed committed to the run, even when it was 17-3 in the second quarter.

10. We asked: Who will win?

We thought Clemens would provide a boost and he did. He also drove New York to a tying field goal late in the game. We also thought Washington would start fast and play physical. OK, one out of two. But we did think the Redskins would win 23-13. We missed by a touchdown, though the game did not unfold the way we thought. Then again, few do. It's a good win for Washington because of what happened the previous week. But it did not erase any doubts. The rushing yards were nice, but was it because of the Jets? Or have the Redskins turned a corner? We shall see.

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