Ten Spot Review

1. We asked: Is the Redskins ground game cured? We said No, not based on one great game against a bad team. But the Redskins did an excellent job on the ground Sunday. Clinton Portis is running in rhythm, being patient and always getting more yards than what is available. The Redskins completing passes downfield helped, too.

But the front is doing better, though we'd like to see more push from the right side.

2. We asked: Where should the Redskins try to run vs. the Eagles? We thought power runs up the gut were the correct call and the Redskins had success doing just that. The Eagles' ends play the run well and did a nice job backside and getting off blocks. But they did a nice job between the tackles.

3. We asked: Once more we have to ask: what about the injuries at receiver? We didn't think Santana Moss would play and he didn't. But that's not the death sentence for the passing game that many would think. Jason Campbell worked well with James Thrash -- as he did all summer -- and that was vital. It helped, too, that Philly corner William James kept falling for double moves. Watching Thrash Sunday makes you question why he hadn't been more involved in the passing game before Sunday. Again, that's how he looked in camp.

4. We asked: What will the impact be if Moss doesn't play? The above answer takes care of that, but give the Redskins credit for not going away from the wideouts. Instead, Campbell kept going back to them, attacking the Eagles secondary as they should have. The Eagles also paid such close attention to Cooley that it opened up the back for the receivers. That's how James Thrash scored his second touchdown. The safety vacated the area because Cooley was inside the 5. Amazingly, two other Eagles were already there.

5. We asked: Are the Eagles done? We didn't think so at all. Donovan McNabb played more like his old self, running at crucial times. But he wasn't particularly sharp. He took advantage of Sean Taylor being out with an injury and threw a jump ball to Reggie Brown downfield. Pierson Prioleau does not adjust as well as Taylor to balls in the air and Brown scored. Also, Brian Westbrook gave Washington fits as well. More on him in a minute. But in the end we could not fathom the Eagles would drop to 3-6. They're not exactly headed for the playoffs, but it's too early to see them fall that hard.

6. We asked: What about Westbrook? He clearly hurt the Redskins, not just on the screen either. One thing Westbrook does is force the linebackers to delay taking an angle to the ball. And that delay helps open up the edge for him. Also, he takes advantage of bad angles with quick cuts, one time burning Demetric Evans and Rocky McIntosh. The latter took a bad angle, standing almost directly behind Evans, and opened the cutback lane. McIntosh seems to be better the less he has to think, as when taking on lead blockers. It's why he struggles in zone coverage. Once, he paid too much attention to an inside receiver, who was covered, while playing zone. Instead, Westbrook got a dump off pass in his area and had an easy first down.

7. We asked: What other concerns do you have about the Eagles offense? Really, that was about it. But the big concern was the health of the defense. We worried about guys like Smoot and Griffin, who already were hurt. But it turns out losing Taylor was the big blow. Marcus Washington did not play and he now needs to get back. The more Randall Godfrey plays, the slower he looks. He's a good one game backup or so, but Washington needs to get back in.

8. We asked: What's the concern with the Eagles' D? We talked about the pressure of the ends, but that really wasn't an issue. The line did a good job with them in that area. The Eagles' D did a nice job in the goal line late in the game, and their ends excelled here with backside pressure. Still, the Redskins' line did its job. And Clinton Portis was great at picking up blitzes. On one play, he blocked inside to help against an end then bounced back and wide to help the tight end pick up another blitz.

9. We asked: Will the Redskins blitz as they did last Sunday? I doubted it and that was correct. Washington guarded first and foremost against the big play and blitzed a handful of times. When the Redskins did so, it usually seemed to work. But they did a good job against big plays. Until, that is, the final 10 minutes of the game.

10. We asked: Who will win? We liked the Eagles by three points. I didn't think they were finished and a loss surely would have spelled the end for them. Also, I'm not convinced that the Redskins are more than a .500 team. Their offense is too inconsistent, the head coach too cautious and continues to blow timeouts and the injuries continue to take their toll. The latter point is probably the biggest problem this team has, but it's been a constant since camp opened.

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