Q&A: Jimmy Farris

The fan favorite is back and talks about his good friend, and Sunday's opponent, Terrell Owens.

On being back with the Redskins:

"Watching games every weekend was tough, so it's nice to be back and be in the mix."

On the irony of being back here:

I looked at it a lot of ways. It's a great story if I do say so myself. I'm just a guy that stuck around and hung in there. One thing I remember coach Gibbs telling me when he released me in the past, ‘If I can give you advice, hang in there and stick in there as long as you can because you're a guy people will want. Always be ready and stick in there and good things will happen.' That's what I've done. I've been released more time than I can count. I love to play and work out and be around the game. I've stayed active and I do stuff so when I get calls like this, I'm ready to go.''

On if having history with Jason Campbell will help:

"I think so. I think from the day he came in here we both came in the same year and we were both down on the depth chart a little bit, so we got to work together a lot in '05 pre-season and then all off-season and pre-season of '06. I think we just have a natural chemistry. He throws an unbelievably catchable ball. He's easy to adjust to as a receiver. We did stuff a couple of times today and it feels like I was just gone a week."

On being friends with Terrell Owens:

"That's one of my long time buddies, probably one of my longest and best friends in the League. He kind of took me in my rookie year when we were in San Francisco and moved me into his house and gave me all of his old extra clothes and stuff. We actually talked last night. He gave me the classic T.O. catch phrase, ‘get your popcorn ready.'

On Terrell Owens giving him his clothes:

"When I was a rookie I came in with no money. I was undrafted, I didn't have any money. He had this big laundry room in his house that he would wear something one or two times and being a bachelor he would just run it through the wash and dry it and it would shrink it. He's a big tall guy, so the double X's, triple X's would shrink down to fit me. At least once a month he would be like, ‘yo man, go get those clothes in there," so I would go in there with a duffle bag and just load up. I was in Terrell Owens hand me downs my entire rookie year."

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