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At best, the Washington Redskins of 2002 are a "picture in-a picture" team.. they are the team you watch in the little box while watching a game worth while.

There's little Spurrier can do to make changes happen for the best. He can make a change at safety and tha tshould help. But the main changes are in the offensive line which really didn't do much of a job at blocking maybe in the abstract because they did line up opposite of the Saints defense and they did barely get in their way.

What could go wrong, did go wrong.

The Redskins mounted what could have been a tremendous comeback.. one worthy of talk for some time, one that could turn a season completely around! Instead Special Teams blew up, then the defense blew up... and instead of dreams of glory, the Redskins made America's funniest video highlights.

One minute glory the next humiliation.

Now I want to do something that I've never done before... the officiating was terrible... simply awful. Number 77 should not be allowed to head officiate anything more than a softball game. Watching some of the replays, well let's just say it was bad for the stripes..

Still, the stripes didn't blow the game for the Redskins, they did it all on their own.

Green Bay?

Now let's talk about teams that are for real. Green Bay is one of them. This is a team that has taken it to the next level and the Redskins stand to be just a mild speed bump on the way to the playoffs for the Packers.

Packers 47 - Skins 10... that could easily be the score.

This year is a learning curve for the coach. He has learned that his QB needs to move around, he's learned that "available and cheap" are not good things, he has learned that Special Teams needs key players, he has learned that NFL defenses are tricky.

I expect him to adjust to what he has learned because Spurrier is not a Turner.

So with little talent to pick from and injuries popping up, this team is in trouble and if you are a Redskins fan, you better watch them in "pip" mode, that way it lessens the pain. And if Aaron Brooks can rip up the secondary, just wait till a man named Farve takes a snap a looks downfield... he just might set a record for throwing 10 TD passes in a game!

I submit, "one man with an arm like a cannon, complete with laser targeting, already twith 300 plus touchdowns notched on his holster, against one defense unable to help themselves about to collide on the field of battle here in the twilight zone."

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