Rat Boy's Rant <BR>The Offensive O-Line

Hello all! Many of you know me, Rat Boy, from the message boards. This is my new column, "Rat Boy's Rant". I will do one of these when I feel like venting about the team. A lot of what you read will be tongue in cheek and in jest. My rants need to be taken with a grain of salt. There will be a lot of huffing and puffing based on a few facts or figures from the happenings within our beloved team. But they will be how a lot of us fans feel, whether we admit it or not.

On Sunday, October 13, the Redskins lost to the New Orleans Saints. During this game our new rookie QB basically got his freaking ass kicked. He got pressured at least twenty times and sacked seven times. As Karl( a guy who frequents our message boards) said, he looked like he was in a WWE main event match, not a football game. It really looked bad for the rookie in this game.

Now, let's go back in time to oh, say, April 2nd, 2002. Yes, draft time. Time for all the little draftniks to make their own draft boards and test their draft skills against the likes of Kiper and other media folks.

Well, many Redskins fans on a message board near you were screaming for us to draft a freaking offensive lineman. I know I was. I wanted us to draft one for sure. Heck, I wasn't even wanting us to draft the QB we are talking about, but that is a different story.

So, on draft day, our pick comes, and we trade down several times and finally decide to take a player at #32. We take the QB in question, Mr. Patrick Ramsey. Well, I am happy with the pick now and realize the error in my previous ways. But after that pick, Spurrier was quoted in saying we would work on the lines.

So, there I am in front of my TV, salivating at the prospect of us taking an offensive lineman, and soon. Then we draft Ladell Betts. Then we draft Rashad Bauman. Then we draft Cliff Russell, Andre Lott and Robert Royal. Now, I am no longer salivating at the prospect of getting an OL and soon because we are getting ready to go to the 6th freaking round. While I tried desperately to consider Robert Royal (TE) a "lineman", it didn't work. I mean, sure, the TE lines up on the offensive line and blocks some times. But he is NOT a freaking lineman!

Then, the 6th round comes up. And finally, I get my lineman! We have NOTHING at offensive guard, a Pro Bowl Left Tackle, and a very solid Right Tackle, so who do we draft? TACKLE REGGIE freaking COLEMAN!!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!?! A Tackle???!?!?! What!?!?!

Well, fine, I did not get my way on draft day. I got no offensive guard worth a crap.

But wait! Free Agency!! Yes! My Savior!!

Well, we proceed to gather up scrubs for the guards. We once again try the freaking Plug N Play philosophy at the OG spot. Only, to make matters worse, we lost our starting Center and needed to Plug N Play there too. So we sign Larry Moore for Center, and we sign or trade for a bunch of guards like Wilbert Brown, David Loverne, and, Rod Jones. Well, Rod Jones gets hurt, and so now we trade for Brenden Stai. Stai starts at right guard, and we do the competition for left guard. David Loverne wins that competition.

So, now the season is here, and our OL is in constant flux due to performance or injury. They are constantly looking like crap on the field and allowing defensive linemen to kill our QB's. Matthews got hurt, then Matthews got hurt, and now Ramsey has taken a beating but somehow survived it.

When is the freaking front office gonna fix this problem which has been a problem for years!?!??! When will we stop doing the Plug N Play thing with our OG's and finally get some solid players at these positions?

I am hoping next year. Of course, I have hoped for the past three years only to be let down.


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