Game Story: Redskins 13, Bucs 19

Here are a bunch of tidbits, news and notes about the Redskins game against the Bucs.

Redskins record: 5-6

This time last year: 4-7

Stat that matters: The Redskins committed six turnovers; Tampa Bay committed none. Does anything else from this game even matter?

Stat that matters II: The Redskins did not allow a first down by Tampa Bay in the second half. The Bucs went three and out on four possessions in the second half and gained just 15 yards.

Turning point: Boy, will this sound familiar. With less than a minute left in the game, the Redskins had the ball on the Tampa 16-yard line when quarterback Jason Campbell threw the ball too flat in the end zone to Santana Moss. Brian Kelly intercepted.

Play to remember: Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell threw a 39-yard touchdown pass to tight end Chris Cooley that drew Washington to 19-10 and gave the Redskins hope they could rally.

Play to forget: Take your pick of six. The early fumbles stung and dug the Redskins a deep, deep hole. But they nearly overcame all of that until turnover No. 5. That's when corner Ronde Barber baited Campbell into throwing an out route to Moss and he picked it off with under four minutes left and deep in Bucs territory.

What Went Right:

…The Redskins' defense did an outstanding job all day. It helped that Jeff Garcia went out with a back injury after the game's second play. Still, the way the offense turned it over, the game should have been out of reach in the fourth quarter. But they allowed only one touchdown after the four turnovers and dominated Tampa in the second half.

…End Andre Carter had a decent day, though most of his action occurred in one series. After the second turnover, in one three-play sequence, Carter: made the tackle backside for a short run; broke up a middle screen that would have resulted in a touchdown and then sacked the quarterback.

…The Redskins went for it on three fourth down and 1 plays. Washington made it twice. The first time, Ladell Betts gained two yards to sustain a touchdown drive. Later in the game, Clinton Portis gained eight yards on a fourth-down run.

What Went Wrong:

…The Redskins picked the absolute worst way to start a game with four fumbles in their first five possessions. Santana Moss continued his perplexing season with a fumble on the first drive. And veteran running back Clinton Portis fumbled twice. Jason Campbell added a fumble.

…The Redskins blew an opportunity to move into the No. 2 wild card spot with the loss. With Detroit losing on Thanksgiving Day, the Redskins would have earned the berth after the New York Giants. But

…The Redskins failed to convert a fourth-and-1 inside the Tampa 5-yard line late in the third quarter. Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks read the play well, but he was helped when guard Pete Kendall did not finish his block, allowing Brooks to make the play. Also, Todd Yoder, filling Mike Sellers' lead fullback role, did not finish his either. Add it up and the hole was filled.

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