Positive Development in Case

The Redskins were obviously pleased by today's developments in the Sean Taylor case, with at least three people being questioned in connection to the case.

But the Redskins also reacted with a sense of resignation. Nothing that happens can reverse the course of Monday morning's events.

"I can't get excited or get my hopes up," running back Clinton Portis said. "Hopefully these are the guys, but until we know for sure that these are the guys, it don't do any good to get all excited. Hopefully these are the guys and we will have something to cheer about and be excited about.

"Everybody wants to know why. It's still not gonna bring back Sean. It will still take a great guy away from the world. I'm sure everyone is looking for a reason why, why him? That's the only thing you can get out of this answer. It's not gonna bring him back. When you find out how silly the reason behind it really is, I'm sure you will probably get even more upset."

Receiver Santana Moss, like Portis one of Taylor's closest friends, shared the same attitude.

"If these are the guys, I hope they'll be dealt with properly," Moss said. "There's not much I can say about it. There's no anger I can express to them. I think what's done is done. But if they are the guys I think whatever you have planned for them is gonna be right."

Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said, "That's good; that's great. That makes evyerone around here extremely happy and we're thankful for that and we appreciate all the hard work everyone put into that."

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