In their words: London Fletcher

Fletcher served as a spokesman of sorts for the players upon their return from Sean Taylor's funeral. Here's what he had to say.

On the funeral:

Guys feel better after going to the funeral. It was a great funeral and a great service. The people that spoke did a wonderful job expressing how they felt about Sean and how Sean was as a person. Today everyone saw how much Sean was loved.

On hearing good words about Taylor:

It's good and bad because we know what we lost as a person. Being of faith, we know we'll see him again. It's comforting in that way. But you're also sad, too, because we really lost a special person.

On if he learned things about Taylor:

Yeah, I did. I learned obviously more about him because I had known Sean since maybe April or May, a very short period of time. Other people had known Sean for 24 years of his life and had a lot of insight into how generous he was and how loving and caring he was about family and friends.

On others around the league being there:

It was tremendous to see not only guys who played with him at the University of Miami, but also players who didn't play with Sean who attended the funeral. It showed the love and support they had for him and how this NFL fraternity really is.

On the plane ride back:

I wouldn't say it was a somber plane ride. It was a plane ride where people reflected and shared stories and talked about the service and just I guess you kind of went to the funeral service and smiled even more because you got a better glimpse of what Sean was like.

On the chance for closure:

I would say there was a little closure in a sense. Now we got the funeral part of it and laid Sean to rest today. That part of it was moving, it was something we needed as a team. His memory still lives on in us. We'll still carry his memory with us. There's still a healing process we go through. This was a necessary part of it in terms of healing.

On what he'll remember most about Sean:

Probably his smile. Just seeing him around here and what stands out to me, what I remember most, is the last week I saw him around here, Sean seemed like he had a glow about him and I wasn't the only one who noticed that. I look back and it was like he was standing out right now.

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