Midweek Report

John Keim's update on the team, including a game injury report and locker room topics.

Injury report: James Thrash (ankle) did not practice; fullback Mike Sellers (back) did practice. Corner Shawn Springs (back) did not practice, but coach Joe Gibbs said he anticipates that Springs will play.

Locker room topic No. 1: It's obviously really hard to move past Sean Taylor. But the locker room was, for the first time in what seems like a while, normal. There were sounds of laughter and chatter and the media was allowed back in the locker room. It finally felt normal, though Taylor's absence was felt. We also got a glimpse of Taylor's locker for the first time (they allowed the media in when the team was at practice, so people wouldn't stare at his locker around his teammates). The most touching part was the picture of Taylor with his daughter. There was also a game ball from the win over Jacksonville last year. At the bottom of his locker, under his nameplate, was the No. 21, with a halo over the 1. The great majority of the conversations revolved around football.

Locker room topic No. 2: Randy Thomas' return. It appears Thomas will start for the first time Thursday night since Week 2. Thomas missed the past 10 games after tearing the tricep tendons in his left arm.

"As long as I can step on the field, it's a definite in my eyes," Thomas said. "It's been a long time waiting. I'm very excited about it. It's been tough sitting on the sidelines, but I have a chance to make a difference and I'm excited about it.

Joe Gibbs says: "Yesterday, I thought it was absolutely great. It was a real testimony to Sean. I took great hear in some of the things that were said. I don't think it could have gone any better. Anybody who went down there appreciated it. [The players] handled it well. We let them sleep in today and we'll come in later [Wednesday]."

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