Campbell Doubtful, But Hopeful

Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell sounded like someone who wouldn't play again this season. But he, and the Redskins, also remained unwilling to rule himself out.

Campbell suffered a dislocated left kneecap in Thursday's 24-16 win over Chicago. An MRI today revealed no ligament damage so no surgery will be needed. Typically, these injuries can take at least four weeks to heal. With three games left in the Redskins' season, that would leave Campbell needing the Redskins to make the playoffs in order to play again.

"Thankfully, I had the opportunity to do a lot of successful things this year and it's something to build off of,'' Campbell said, "so it's not all bad.''

Redskins associate head coach/offense Al Saunders told a local TV station that Campbell is all but finished. However, nobody would rule him out.

"It's hard to say," Campbell said. "We're taking everything day by day and week by week. We'll see how this thing improves over the next couple of weeks. What I have to do now is stay off it as much as possible."

Todd Collins will start in his place. Collins will make his first start since Dec. 14, 1997 when he faces the New York Giants on Dec. 16th.

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