In His Words: Clinton Portis

Portis did a conference call yesterday about the up coming Giants game. Here is what he had to say:

Is your team over the initial shock with everything that happened with Sean Taylor?

We would get over it if everybody stopped asking us about it all the time. You can't put it behind you, it is always going to be in your mind, but I think a lot of people are just trying to get away from it and trying not to think about it.

So you guys are trying to get back to some kind of normalcy and get back to just thinking about football?

You will never be back to normal and able to just think about football after something like that happens, but at the same time we have to find a way to concentrate and to focus.

Did it help you guys to have the long week to prepare?

Yeah it gave you the opportunity to get away and a lot of people got a chance to rest and just reflect. We had a long two weeks, a long week and a half, so having that time off really helped us.

Why do you think the Giants are so hard to run against?

They have two ends that disrupt everything and pretty much funnel everything back to the inside. A.P. (Antonio Pierce) is playing great. When you have two guys that are capable of doing what Osi (Umenyiora) and Mike (Strahan) have been doing over the past few years that would make it tough on anybody. They really can change the game plan. You really just have to find a way to make them not effective and continue to pound.

You have had some pretty good rushing numbers this season but haven't been getting in the end zone. How do you feel about that?

You can never be happy; there is always room for improvement. We haven't had opportunities to get in the end zone as much and that has been one of our biggest problems, not converting in the red zone. We need to focus on that and find a way to convert.

How about the way Todd Collins stepped in last week for Jason Campbell after not having a lot of work?

Todd probably knew this system better than anybody outside of Coach so having Todd being able to step in and do what he did only gives us confidence and hope. This team has been battling through injuries, tough times, and hard times, so for Todd to just step up and to show that he is another guy that has been taking care of business and handling his business off the field that once he got a chance to be on the field he came in and took care of it.

So you guys have a lot of confidence in him staying in there and being the starter this week?

Of course, you can't help but. If we don't believe…that is the first part of the game is believing. If we don't believe, then we probably won't succeed. Everyone is confident and excited about him being in and you know if he plays like he played last week, then we can't help but believe. You can't put too much on his shoulders, but I think he is capable of going out and carrying this team and putting us in the position that we need to be in to win the game.

The Giants can clinch a playoff spot with a win this weekend. What would it mean to you to see a division opponent celebrating on their home field after reaching the playoffs?

We are not worried about them clinching the playoffs. We are trying to get into the playoffs, so if they get a win and we get a loss then they kind of screw up our playoff chances. We are more worried about us getting into the playoffs than them. We know they want to come out and get into the playoffs and come out and play football and be physical and be ready, so we have to find a way to come up and find a way to win in New York.

What is your mindset? One game at a time or do you look at it as you need to win three straight to get in?

It is only one game at a time because three straight, looking at three games if you lose one we are out. We have to take it one week at a time. We have a one-week season and that is this week against the Giants. I don't need to know who our last two games are against. It is one week at a time and you look at it that way and that is the way that we have to play. If we are going to do anything, that has to be our attitude.

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