They said what?

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, ''You give me an All-Pro quarterback and I won't fiddle around. Patrick played the last two games. . . If Shane goes out and throws the ball to the right place we have to play him. I don't like to do this, but that's the situation we're in. . . . Obviously at times it looked like Patrick needed a rest. If that's what we have to do to get his confidence back then that's what we'll do.''

Spurrier on whether he considered benching Ramsey during the game, ''Some of the coaches suggested I do that, but I said, 'Let's let him play.' . . Maybe we're expecting too much of Patrick.''

Spurrier, ''We should be playing a lot better than we are. We've played two solid games and four lousy ones and nothing in between.''

Spurrier, ''It got ugly at the end. We had our chances and it didn't work out. . . We didn't even make it close. . . But I can't get all mad and yell and scream every week. We've got to find who our best players are. We're still trying to figure that out.''

Ramsey, ''I have to play better, there's no getting over that. If this is the consequence, so be it. I had more chances to make plays and I will make them in the future.''

Ramsey on his missed throw to Rod Gardner in the end zone, ''There are all kinds of things I could sit here and tell you, but I just threw the ball too high. I just didn't make the throws that were open.''

Redskins left tackle Chris Samuels, ''We had our opportunities and we blew them. It's tough to deal with the penalties. We've gotta keep the team together and right now we're the only one's believing in ourselves. Right now people are laughing at us.''

Samuels on his ankle injury, ''I was trying to keep pushing on it, but it got worse. It's tough to deal with. You go through a lot and you've gotta push on for yourself and your teammates.''

Samuels on his prospects of playing Sunday, ''If it feels better, great. If not then I have to push on through.''

Green Bay linebacker Na'il Diggs said, ''We tried to mix it up on [Ramsey]. We were able to keep him off balance. [Because of the noise] Ramsey wasn't able to make his checks properly, guys weren't able to communicate very well.''

Green Bay center turned left tackle Mike Flanagan on shutting down Bruce Smith, ''I mean, you've got to be honest about this. He's one of the greatest of all-time and at best I'm an average tackle. I'm a lot more comfortable on the inside, but this is the way it had to go.''

Redskins defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson, ''It's very frustrating. We have to find a way to quit shooting ourselves in the foot. We're playing ourselves and the opponents. It's gotten in our heads. Eventually we're going to make a mistake; sooner or later something is going to happen and not in our favor.''

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