Props & Flops

Offensive player of the game: Derrius Thompson. He excelled on those receiver screens, which worked well against the Packers' zone coverage. Thompson showed he can make plays, though he's a long ways away from being considered a quality starter.

And the flipside: Rookie quarterback Patrick Ramsey. He looked totally lost against the Packers and was way off target. True, he was sacked six times, but not all were the line's fault. On one play, an all-out blitz up the middle, Ramsey must see that one defender likely will come unblocked, meaning he must get rid of the ball quickly. Instead, Ramsey pump faked, was sacked and fumbled.

Of his 10 passes completed, only two were downfield throws of more than 10 yards. Four were receiver screens, two were hitches, one was a slant and another was a two-yard toss.

Defensive player of the game: Linebacker LaVar Arrington made the plays he did a year ago. He caused a fumble, had a big sack, tipped a pass and flew all over. He even made a one-armed stop while being blocked by a tackle. Unfortunately, he also missed at least two tackles, but he's starting to get into a groove. He even exerted some pressure from left end.

And the flipside: A few culprits here. But we'll give a nod to safety Sam Shade, who missed a tackle on Ahman Green's 24-yard touchdown run. Shade stormed up into the correct gap, but attempted to tackle Green way too high. Shade's strength is playing the run, but his inability to help there is one reason he landed on the bench for most of the second half. He's a class act, but it's time to give Ifeanyi Ohalete a stronger look, something we've called for since the summer. Ohalete has his problems, but it's worth a shot.

Can you believe: How many times the Redskins ran the ball? They showed the necessary balance (34 runs, 30 passes) to beat Green Bay. And they often used a tight end to block, or even a back. It should have mattered, but, because of bad decisions or poor execution, it didn't.

Shut down: Washington held Green Bay to rushes of zero or no yards 10 times in the second half. Give much of the credit to the Redskins' linebackers, who played a little closer to the ball at times and run-blitzed often.

Ugly: Washington has committed a combined 22 penalties the past two games, been sacked 13 times and turned the ball over nine times. Thing is, the defense has played very well to hold teams to a combined 73 points in that span. Imagine how ugly it would look if they weren't.

What were they thinking?: On the fourth and full one yard from the Packers' 45 late in the first half. With the Packers bunched up in the middle, the Redskins called for a quarterback sneak. Patrick Ramsey stretched out with the ball, but came up short, which isn't surprising given where the Packers focused their defense. A sneak in that situation is only good from a few inches, not three feet away.

Telling stat: Green Bay averaged 8.1 yards per first down play in the opening half--and it wasn't built on the strength of a few big plays. The Packers ran 14 first-down plays and gained at least eight yards on nine of them. A 10th resulted in a two-yard touchdown run. But the Redskins stiffened in the second half, limiting the Packers to 16 yards on 11 first-down plays.

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