They said what?

Curious what the Redskins were talking about after the game? Here are post game comments from Joe Gibbs, Clinton Portis, Todd Collins, Santana Moss, Pierson Prioleau and LaRon Landry.

Coach Joe Gibbs

Opening Statement: The Redskins from our standpoint are thrilled. I told our players that I appreciate them taking me with them. It's a real, real tough place to come and play, extremely well coached, good football team they have, and to come up here and play like that it seems that this group of guys, I don't care what happens, they just seem to say, "We're going to keep trying and keep staying after it and keep fighting and somehow try to overcome it." We had guys come out of the game today and they just keep fighting. They have great heart. So I couldn't be prouder of our guys, huge deal for us. I really appreciate each and every one of them. You can tell by the conditions it was extremely tough. I think it was tough on both quarterbacks. With the wind initially it started off coming across the field, then it changed and went diagonally towards the end. Extremely tough conditions to throw a ball in, and you can tell from both quarterbacks. It was tough throwing and catching it.

Question: How about Collins coming in this situation and giving what he did?

Response: Todd, he's spent seven years in that situation and you think a guy would get mentally lazy. How many times can you sit in meetings and hear all that knowing that you're probably not going to play? Now getting his chance, I couldn't be happier for a guy. I don't know if you're all aware, but we finished our meeting on Friday and his wife called and said they had problems with her pregnancy and the doctor said we think we need to go ahead and take the baby. I walked down the hall to Dan (Snyder) and I don't know how many other people would have done this, but I said we got a problem with Todd. He asked what and I told him then he said take the plane, he had his plane at the airport in an hour, flew Todd up there, had the baby, then came back. Dan had a limo for him. I really appreciate an owner who will do stuff like that. He actually wasn't sure which Todd; he was going to do it for any of our guys. So it's a great story for Todd, he got a little baby boy and a great week, and I got to tell you I couldn't be prouder of our football team. They've been through a lot. This football team has been through a lot and I just appreciate the way they keep fighting.

Q: What about the position you're in now still with a chance to make the playoffs?

Re: Last week we had a lot of respect for the Bears. That was hard fought. We had to have it, they had to have it. The Giants today, the matchup has been extremely hard. They've beaten us three straight times. We got a lot of respect for them. It's a tough place to come and play. I think it's one of the hardest places to come play and I was really proud of our guys to be able to get this. We've gotten two that we had to have. That's kind of where we are right now, and next week is going to be another one.

Clinton Portis Question: Is there something special about doing it in a big game in a big spot?

Response: I would say tonight being in the position we were in made tonight special. Under the lights, back up against the wall, I think that made tonight special.

Q: How about the performance that you've had now twice going over 100 yards inside this stadium?

Re: You know coming into this season that was a big goal of mine, to have success coming into New York. The previous four years I probably stunk up the joint. So to come up here and be able to have two nice games in this stadium just brings the confidence back.

Q: Coach talked about the fight that you guys have. This was just another example of that tonight.

Re: I think this team is going to fight to the finish. Sometimes we come up short, but we're always there to fight. For a team to go out and fight like that week in and week out, confidently, you don't have to worry about the guys around you giving up or not being there, or not having your back. That's one thing they're going to have. We might mess up and slip sometimes, but we're going to fight as a team.

Q: What was the difference tonight?

Re: I think it was just a must-win situation. Our defense went out and played great. Our offensive line played great. Todd kind of got them to get out of the box. They couldn't stick eight or nine in the box. We hit a couple of big plays early down the field that kind of loosened things up. Stephon (Heyer), the rookie, played great against Strahan, and that's what we need him to do for the rest of the season.

Q: You guys are very alive in the playoffs right now. Is there any discussion about that?

Re: I think we're in the playoffs right now. That's our mentality. You win, you keep going. You lose, you go home. Our playoffs started a little earlier than anyone else's, and we're trying to keep it alive.

Q: Has this team surprised you at all the last couple of weeks with the way it has played?

Re: Yeah for the four years I've been here, this team's been the same way. We never give up, every game is a dog fight, every game the guys fought together. I think that's the great thing about being a Redskin.

Todd Collins:

On the team:

There was a buzz in the locker room before the game. There was no doubt these guys were ready to play. The defense played great. We had some great rushing gains today. We didn't complete many passes but the ones that we did were big ones. It was crazy. There were so many pass attempts with no completions. Fortunately the ones that we connected on were ones that counted.

On the drive right before the half:

That was a big drive to get us three points at the end of the half.

On making the start:

I felt pretty good. I didn't anticipate us getting off to a start like we did with the conditions. New York did a pretty good job of switching it up on us and putting a lot of pressure on us. Overall we feel good with the win but I know that we left some yards on the field.

Santana Moss:

On the win:

I think it means a lot. I feel that as a team we have been trying to put everything we have together. I think every week we go out there and play with that kind of intensity as if everything is on the line because it pretty much is. It was a playoff game and we wanted to go out and play like that and we came out victorious.

On the wind:

It dropped. But that was the circumstance that we knew we were coming into. I was hoping that is was more of a wind game rather than a rainy or snowy game. We were very fortunate of that and we capitalized when we needed to.

On Todd Collins:

He is a veteran guy. He goes out there and gives us a chance. When you give us a chance to make plays for you that is all you can do as a quarterback. I think that everybody played together tonight and we just came out with a well needed victory.

Pierson Prioleau:

On the defensive backs:

The defensive backs played a good game, not a perfect game because there is always room for improvement.

On the Giants receivers:

They gave us some help too with the dropped balls. They dropped some balls out there today. They didn't play their perfect game also.

On the win:

Every win is big. Any win on the road is even bigger.

LaRon Landry:

On the personal foul:

I got caught up in the moment of playing the game. It wasn't like that. I just got caught up in the game. I think it's third down. We should have gotten off the field. It's my fault that I gave them an extra series. It resulted in a field goal so I put that blame upon myself. I shouldn't have done it. I knew it was wrong but I was just playing ball. I let my team down. That was a critical play in this game. I just got caught up in the moment and have to be smarter with what I'm doing.

On being physical:

It feels good to win. That is our mindset. We talk about it each and every day, week in and week out of playing physical, getting after them, tackling well and communicating. That is what we need to do. There is no question about it. We need to tackle, we need to be physical and we need to be mentally smart.

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