The Big Banga Returns

Tre Johnson isn't sure how long it'll take him to feel comfortable on the field. But Johnson, who re-joined the Redskins on Monday after an 18-month absence, said he's already comfortable in the classroom.

Johnson spent five hours at Redskins Park on Tuesday, learning as many plays as he could before leaving around 3 p.m.

''It's relatively simple,'' Johnson said. ''Not from execution, but from instruction. The way they told it to me, it all made sense. Some of the same concepts and terms of basic plays are there. It's just terminology and philosophy. They may do the same thing, but for different reasons. It's a matter of changing my approach and philosophy. I have to recondition myself to not fall into old habits that don't apply here.''

The Redskins cut offensive lineman Ross Tucker to make room for Johnson.

Johnson, who played with Washington from 1994-2000, said he's not certain which guard spot he'll play. He's played both for the Redskins in the past. But he did say he assumed he'd be on the right side. However, right guard Brenden Stai has never played on the left side before, making Johnson's role uncertain.

Johnson said one knee is 100 percent healthy while the other is around 90 percent. He started three games for Cleveland last year before injuring his knee. He returned weeks ahead of schedule this summer, then re-injured his MCL. The Browns cut him, fearing he wouldn't last all season.

Johnson also said he doesn't mind playing in a pass-oriented offense.

''I'm an aggressive person and I'll always be aggressive,'' he said. ''I never had a problem being heavy here because we were going to run it. But if we're going to pass, stamina becomes more of a factor. The defense won't be as tired because they'll be rotating guys. If you don't put my heavy body on them, they won't get as tired. It changes the complexion of the game from what I'm accustomed to. But I don't have a problem with that.''

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