Midweek Report

John Keim discusses a few locker room topics, practice, and some Gibbs quotes on the game.

Practice update:

The Redskins conducted a walk-through so they didn't practice. The only injury concern is receiver James Thrash, who re-aggravated his high ankle sprain in his left foot. He wants to try and practice Thursday, but that could be iffy.

Locker room topic No. 1:

Washington's defense. The eighth-ranked Redskins' D has maintained a high level of play in part because of Gregg Williams' schemes. In fact, Phillip Daniels said he deserves 90 percent of the credit for his willingness to change and adapt to his talent. The Redskins have used less three-man lines than last year and have used their safeties different. Also, they used a Cover 2 a lot early but became more aggressive when that didn't work (and when injuries forced them to change). "He really trusted," Daniels said, "and trusted our defense that we could just go out and line up and play well and not have to trick anybody with all the packages." Make no mistake, they have the packages and against Minnesota they used 10 different personnel packages; that's twice as many as normal.

Locker room topic No. 2:

2005 vs. 2007. The Redskins, probably to a man, say they're much better than when they played Seattle in the first meeting. For starters, they're probably healthier, a funny thing to say given what's transpired this season. But most of the reserves have been starting for a while now. The receiving corps is in much better shape. And the passing game is ten times better with Todd Collins at quarterback than it was with Mark Brunell. Defensively, a healthy Shawn Springs is a big difference. The D-line is also healthier than it was at the end of that season. Seattle is not as good as in 2005.

Joe Gibbs says:

On young players and playoffs: "The danger with young guys is they think it will go on forever and, ‘Hey, we're in the playoffs; we'll be in the playoffs every year.' The veteran guys know that's not the case; the young guys are happy to be on the team sometimes. I noticed some veteran guys [Tuesday] who were here the longest in meetings themselves. They realize how important it is. You worry more about the young guys."

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