Rat Boy's Rant <BR>O Line 2/Referees Stink

Okay, first I would like to cover some of the many fan responses to my previous rant. Most of the responses were of a positive nature. For that I will continue my series of rant pieces. However, of course, with any public opinion someone puts up, there has to be some that don't approve.

I was told indirectly from one reader that I am either a moron, live in a trailer, or am only ten years old. This based on my comments and use of semi-profanity, concerning the offensive line. This fan complained that my claim the Redskins have done nothing about the OL in the draft over the past three years or so are stupid due to drafting Samuels and Jansen.

Well, in my defense, I was talking about OFFENSIVE GUARDS. What position do Jansen and Samuels play again? My complaint, which is the fact that we have not had the same two starting guards on the line for YEARS, is quite valid.

Oh, and hey! Ramsey got his butt kicked inside out AGAIN, this time, by the Packers. Then, to top that all off, we signed Trey FREAKING JOHNSON!!!!! Hello! Is that not the front office basically saying, "Gee, you know, our offensive guards SUCK, so we better hire this injury prone former Redskin and pray he lasts longer than two weeks."

Now, on to this weeks rant.

The referees in the NFL by and large stink. I am freaking tired of the replays taking forever. I am also tired of the bogus calls. In our game against the Packers this past weekend, there were so many bogus calls on BOTH TEAMS, that it made me sick to my stomach.

Why is it this way?

I will tell you why.

It is because the NFL executives, in their glory, have hired a bunch of people with full time jobs outside of the NFL. These guys are too tired, old, and blind, to be refereeing in the NFL. But, this is not the only problem.

You know what the biggest problem is? Let me tell you what it is. Terrell Owens can have his shirt un-tucked and pull out a marker from his socks and sign a ball, and the NFL gets all pissy about it. He even got fined $5,000 for a "uniform violation."

Gee, wonder how many dollars these moronic referees lose for their blown calls which a lot of times costs games. I mean, some of them can't even get the coin toss right. But of course, they pay NO FINES for CRAP CALLS.

And us fans sit there on Sunday and watch lousy call after lousy call and wonder why???

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