What They Said

Here are some post game quotes from both teams after the Wild Card game in Seattle.

Coach Joe Gibbs: "I am always hesitant about one play. There are always so many plays in the football game that can make the difference. I never put it on somebody or one play because there are a lot of plays. Obviously that is a momentum thing and all of that but for me I never single out one play."

Gibbs: "The most productive part of what we were doing was our no-huddle. There were a number of reasons for it, the snap count, Todd handled it very well and I felt it was the best way to move the ball so we stayed with it."

QB Todd Collins, "That was a missed opportunity there. You have to convert those into points in the playoffs."

Collins: "I didn't really see it. I was on my back when the ball was in the air. From what I heard [Moss] might have just lost it, he never saw it."

CB Marcus Trufant: "It was one of those plays, where the quarterback is feeling the pressure. The guys up front are making him very uncomfortable and the wide receiver, they had a double-move kind of setup and he just lofted the ball up there. You're waiting on it and waiting on it and it finally came down and I was able to get the interception. Guys are blocking for me all over the place and it was just a good play."

K Shaun Suisham: "You work all year and put a lot of time into this and then to finish the year off with a miss from 30 yards is disappointing. I was hoping we'd get another chance. It didn't work out that way."

C Casey Rabach: "I'll be shocked if [Coach Joe Gibbs] is not back. What coach did for us this year, the way we came together and brought the team together, holding the team together, it was amazing. If he's not back, it would be a sad day in Washington."

DE Phillip Daniels: "I think Sean is smiling now because we fought as hard as we could. That's all you can ask for in this game. If things don't go your way at least you can look in the mirror and say I gave it my best shot.

Daniels: "Guys didn't realize how good a team we have and that's what we have to try to get is home field advantage. That's what we have to do next year. We let a lot of games slip away this year. This is the second time we've come here and lost. We have to get home field and make people come to us."

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