Who's Next?

The players made it clear: they want Gregg Williams. And it could be a two-person race between Williams and Bill Cowher. Here's how we view the situation:


Why it should be him: The players, on both sides of the ball, endorse him. They ended the season on a high, despite the playoff loss, and want continuity. Even Antwaan Randle El, who played for Cowher, preferred Williams over his former coach for continuity's sake. Williams would be a different coach than Joe Gibbs, not the grandfatherly type and more the in-your-face type. But the players know what they'd be getting. Mike Sellers said he likes that if you work hard for Williams, he'll work hard for you. In a different way, he's a player's coach. He's a good leader.

Why it shouldn't: He had major problems in Buffalo, where people all over the building were happy to see him leave. There could have been other reasons for what happened there, but Williams received the brunt of the blame. Williams might not be able to be as smooth as Gibbs was at resolving issues with the front office. Also, if Cowher wants to come here, then you have a chance to grab an elite coach.


Why it should be him: The guy won a Super Bowl and there aren't many of those coaches like that walking around – and available. Cowher was a defensive-oriented coach, but his offenses were always creative. He would bring instant credibility. Plus he would understand how a successful front office should work. And after coaching for an owner who was on the frugal end, he could benefit from working for one who is clearly not.

Why it shouldn't: Because if Cowher comes on board, the Redskins have to almost start over. He would certainly bring in a new defense and a new coaching staff, which could mean another new offense for Jason Campbell and Co. It's not all about Campbell, but it would retard his progress. And the atmosphere in the locker room would change as Cowher would bring in a new group of players. The strength of this team is the attitude in the locker room. But two league sources insist Cowher is not going to coach this year, as does a worker at the agency that represents him.

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