Redskins Notes

Here are some more updates from John about the coaching search as well as a few Redskins park visits. See who stopped by and what they had to say.

...The Redskins will interview Jim Mora Jr., on Wednesday, presumably in town. Ron Meeks also will interview, but it appears Jim Caldwell will not (probably a good sign that Tony Dungy is going to retire and he'll take over). Mora has his flaws, but he was considered a solid coach in his first stint in Atlanta, though the record got worse each year. But Mora also likely would be a candidate in Seattle if Mike Holmgren retires.

...Darrell Green, Art Monk and Russ Grimm all were on the list of final 15 candidates for the Hall of Fame. Green is a first ballot guy and has the best chance of gaining entry when the vote is taken Feb. 2. Eight pure corners have been voted into the Hall of Fame. Former Redskins coach Emmitt Thomas is also on the list.

...Former Redskins linebacker Antonio Pierce dropped by Redskins Park today. Yes, he should be a bit busier with the Giants in the NFC Championship Game. But Tuesday is a day off and he still has a home in town. Naturally he endorses Gregg Williams.

Here's what Pierce had to say: ‘'Gregg would be a great hire. It would keep the continuity that this organization, this team needs. He's somebody that players and everybody in the organization trusts. My one year with him and knowing the guys I've known the last four years that have been on this team, the energy Gregg brings, everybody responds well to him. Everybody [saw] that the first year he was here. He's a good friend. I have a lot of respect from him. I would love to see him get another head coaching job because what he had in Buffalo [wasn't really] the coach he is, not the coach I knew."

...London Fletcher also dropped by and again endorsed Williams. "For one, his detailed-ness, the ability to work with others," Fletcher said. "One person is the head coach but you have coaches that you have to lean on and get input from them and he does that. He would let his assistant coaches come and say this is something we'll be good at. As a head coach, you need to trust your assistant coaches to be able to have a little influence."

...Former defensive end Renaldo Wynn dropped by today as well. He's a free agent hoping to re-sign with New Orleans, where he truly enjoyed playing this year. Says the fans there were unbelievable; several hundred met the team at the airport – after a loss had dropped them to 0-4.

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