Searching for Answers

We interview ourselves about the Redskins coaching situation.

Q: Is Steve Mariucci really on the list now?

A: Absolutely. The Redskins will interview Mooch in Arizona.

Q: Would he be a good fit?

A: In some ways he'd be a good one. Mooch would know how to handle Dan Snyder; he's a good schmoozer and could keep the owner away from the other side of the building. The assistant coaches operated in peace under Joe Gibbs. Mooch's ability to handle/manage people would be helpful. That said, he's known as a good coach for veteran teams, but not so good with younger ones. Lack of discipline. In the short term it could work; there are good assistants and Mariucci is a legit coach, but in the long term? Not sure.

Q: Is he the favorite?

A: Not sure anyone is right now, but he's probably as good a bet as any. The Redskins will talk to either Steve Spagnuolo or Josh McDaniels – or both – after the Super Bowl. If Spags' defense has a great showing, he might become the hot candidate. This is still fluid. Heard that as of last Friday, Snyder wasn't sure who he wanted to hire. That means he hadn't found his man in previous interviews.

Q: Could there be a mystery candidate?

A: Maybe. But it's hard to imagine anyone else really being a factor.

Q: What does this mean for the offense?

A: Clearly Mariucci – and Jim Fassel – have their roots in the West Coast offense. Those who run it swear the system works; you just need the players to make it do so. The question is, does Jason Campbell fit this offense? I talked to one coordinator who runs the West Coast and he said quick reads don't matter as much as simply being a good passer. But the Redskins will need to get some bigger receivers. They can't run this offense with the wideouts they have.

Q: When will this end?

A: Mercifully not soon enough. But we're guessing by next Thursday there will be a new coach.

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