Redskins Reunion

Art Monk did the unthinkable: he spoke for nearly 15 minutes. Making the Hall of Fame meant that much to him. Then came Darrell Green's turn. And no one was surprised that Green turned it into his own comedy routine, with him poking fun at ex-teammates while thanking those close to him.

It was their stage today at Redskins Park as the organization celebrated their Hall of Fame berths. Fifteen former players attended the ceremony, which included a reception afterward.

Among the former players attending: Brian Mitchell, Doc Walker, Earnest Byner, Gary Clark, Charles Mann, George Starke, Ken Harvey, Sam Huff, Brig Owens, Roy Jefferson, Mark Moseley, Joe Jacoby, Dexter Manley, Charlie Taylor and Raleigh McKenzie.

"This is just incredible," Monk said. "This whole induction has taken me by surprise. I wasn't expecting it. I had written it off. When my wife handed me the phone and the NFL was on the other end, it took me off guard. Since then it's been overwhelming. This has been a whirlwind the last couple of days." Both players thanked numerous people – Green even thanked the media, with whom he had an excellent relationship.

But the fun came when Monk talked about a story that let him know how special it was to play in Washington. It came in a game against the St. Louis Cardinals – yes, before they moved to Arizona. In the game, Monk remembered running past the defensive back.

"I had the defender beat by five yards … as usual," Monk said, to laughter.

"Just being honest," he said. The crowd clapped.

Back to the story: Joe Theismann threw what he called a great pass that should have resulted in a 60-yard touchdown. Instead, he dropped it, then fell to his knees for two seconds.

"It was dead silence," Monk said. "When I stood up to go back, everyone applauded me and that did something to me in this community. I'm so committed to this community."

For Green, one of the highlights was a phone call from President Bush. Of course, when the President called, Green said, "How did you get this cell?" Laughter.

Green then talked about his tackling style. He said Sam Huff – in the audience -- used to talk to him about how to tackle properly. So he tried Huff's way – once. And broke his arm.

"I decided I was a speed guy and when Sam would talk to me I'd say, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah,' and go back to just diving at their legs," Green said. Later, he returned to that theme when Huff asked him aloud how many tackles he made.

"Over 1,300 tackles my way," Green said, "and one tackle your way."

Green pointed out a gold watch owner Dan Snyder had given him that read Hall of Fame 08 Redskins 28 inscribed on it.

"This has been pretty fun," Green said. "Sam, is it gonna stay like this?"

At the end, no questions were asked by the media. Mainly because the news on this had been written a couple days ago. And because this had the feel of a family reunion; not a press conference. But former Redskins wideout Gary Clark got up in front of the crowd and thanked both players for not only doing what they did, but for how they went about their business, drawing a standing ovation.

Then came more fun. George Starke asked Monk if it was true that Doc Walker drew triple coverage, opening things up for Monk. "Doc couldn't catch the ball," Monk deadpanned.

That's the kind of reception it was. It was a reminder of good times for the Redskins.

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