Observations From Jim Zorn's First Presser

Here are John Keim's observations from Jim Zorn's first press conference as the Redskins' Head Coach.

...Zorn isn't sure if he will handle play-calling duties or whether that will fall to the new coordinator. Zorn didn't say this, but he could be concerned about handling both being a head coach and calling plays for the first time.

...Zorn appeared rather nervous for the first part of his press conference, before he was asked questions. Made you wonder about how he would handle a room of players. Of course, he's more comfortable around players than media. Still, he did not come across like someone you wanted to follow into a heated game. But numerous people have said good things about him and there's no reason to doubt them. However, it'll stay in the back of our minds.

...Zorn appears to be super nice. Just hope he can command a room.

...He's the opposite of Gregg Williams, who can command a room but who was quick to snap at others. If he hadn't been, he'd probably be the head coach today. His personality failed him.

...The Redskins say Zorn wasn't on their initial list of approximately 50 potential candidates, which they drew up after Joe Gibbs retired. And Zorn never envisioned himself in this role until the Redskins called him to interview Thursday. Vinny Cerrato told Dan Snyder after almost every interview with other candidates that Zorn was better.

...The Redskins will run the West Coast offense, though Zorn said the running game will stay the same. To run the West Coast to its fullest, however, they will need a big wideout, something Zorn acknowledged.

...One league source – the same one who told us Jim Fassel was out almost two weeks ago – said he wondered why Greg Blache wasn't considered for the job. But our sense from Blache is that he wasn't interested. And Blache was genuinely pleased with Zorn's ascension to the top spot. He smiled broadly when Zorn was speaking. I think the staff will really like him.

...Zorn referred to the Redskins as maroon and black. Oops. He later told a TV reporter he knew what the colors were; or, rather, had been told after his slip. We'll cut the guy slack because he was clearly nervous. Also, few towns know the exact colors like fans in Washington. Don't think anyone refers to the Bears as the blue and orange.

...Perhaps the most uncomfortable part of the press conference came when Zorn was talking about the 10-man tribute to Sean Taylor. He did so within the context of praising Joe Gibbs. We thought he was going to praise Gibbs for thinking of such an idea. In reality, as everyone knows (well, almost everyone), Gibbs did not know about the move and it was the idea of the fired Williams. It got uncomfortable for a moment as Zorn appeared to have no clue as to what really happened.

...For what it's worth, Blache said he plans no changes on defense. His rep as a coordinator in Chicago was that he didn't blitz much. But he says it's something he's not against doing by any means.

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