Redskins News ‘N Notes

John Keim gives an update on the happenings around Redskins Park and his take on the FA situation.

Item: Brandon Lloyd is cut.

Reaction: Hallelujah! OK, let's not go too far overboard, but this is complete addition by subtraction. In my time covering the Redskins (since 1994), Lloyd ranks among the top few most disliked players, along with guys like Alvin Harper and Michael Westbrook. But Lloyd was so unproductive that his being a ‘'punk'', as one teammate described him, made him an even bigger bust. He did not fit in here; nor did he fit in with the 49ers. Really can't imagine him fitting in on most teams. But at least in SF he was productive. Lloyd will count $4.2 million against the cap this season.

Result: This has no bearing on the Redskins' offseason plans. They wanted to sign a receiver, or draft one. They could opt for D.J. Hackett, but his agent said that the Redskins haven't come up in their internal discussions. Javon Walker is damaged goods and likely will be released, so why trade for him?

Item: Rock Cartwright and Todd Collins will test the market.

Reaction: To be expected. Both want a chance for more playing time than the Redskins can promise. Rock really sounded conflicted when I spoke with him Monday. He wants to be here; he wants to carry the ball more and knows that won't happen here. He looks at himself as a Redskin. I think there's part of him that still feels slighted from the T.J. Duckett trade. The Redskins will not make him an offer before free agency.

As for Collins, it might be best if he goes elsewhere. If Jason Campbell is really going to be The Guy, then it's probably best if Collins is gone. Imagine what will be said and written if Collins outperforms Campbell this summer, yet the job already belongs to Campbell. The players would have a fit. Might be best to trade for Trent Dilfer and develop another young QB as a No. 3.

Item: Free agency begins Friday.

Reaction: By now, everyone knows that the Redskins have said they won't be big players in free agency. It's not just lip service. According to one league source who has spoken to a high-ranking Redskins official about this, they will make their offer and not bid against themselves as they've done in the past. Many times, we might add. It's not just because of the salary cap, either.

Though they're not in great shape, they've never really been in the best of positions when it comes to the cap. And they've always found a way to make it work in the past. But there's a real belief that this year will be different. We'll see. It also helps that this is a poor free agent class. And the things they need (receiver, defensive end, offensive tackle) they can find in the draft.

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