Rock Cartwright a Redskin Once Again

Rock Cartwright signed a new contract to remain with the Redskins for the 2008 season and beyond.

Rock Cartwright is set to become the Redskins' second Free Agent signing of the 2008 off season. Of course, as is the case with the first Free Agent Signing, the player is one of "their own."

He will be signing a modest three year contract that will pay him a total of $3,350,000. The deal includes a $300,000 signing bonus and a $200,000 roster bonus for 2009.

Not quite the amount of coin Rock and his agent had hoped to see on the Free Agent market. I am guessing most teams did not see him as even a strong second Running Back, so he didn't get many high offers from other teams.

Rock Cartwright was drafted in the 7th round of the 2002 draft by the Redskins during Steve Spurrier's tenure as the Head Coach. So this will be the third head coach he has played for while being a Redskin.

Given the normal player turnover when teams sign new head coaches, it is really remarkable that this player can keep latching on with new coaches, especially when he started his career out under Steve Spurrier.

Though he has lined up as a Full Back and a Running Back for the Redskins, he has found his real niche in Kick Returning.

In 2006, among Kick Returners with at least 35 returns, Rock was 9th in the league with a 24.1 average. He also had one Touchdown and no fumbles as a returner.

In 2007, among Kick Returners with at least 35 returns, Rock was 2nd in the league with a 25.8 average. He was kept out of the endzone in '07, but again had no fumbles.

Re-signing Rock Cartwright to this modest contract affords the Redskins no changes to the Kick Return game as well as some insurance at the Running Back position.

Overall, the front office handled this player brilliantly. Rock was seeking about two million per year, so they let him go out and seek it.

"Roscoe Parrish just got [$4.35 million] guaranteed [in a three-year, $10 million deal] from Buffalo. I don't expect to match that, but I want something similar, some type of security."

----Rock Cartwright in December of 2007.

And when he didn't find it, he returned home for half the price.

When asked about signing with Washington, Rock had this to say:
"I'm happy to continue being a Redskin, I didn't want to start over with a whole new city and a new fan base."

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