They Said What?

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, ''That was one of the most unusual games I have ever coached. But our defense played well and kept the Seahawks out of the end zone. They converted a lot of third downs here ansd there, but they only got three points and that's the reason we won.''

Spurrier, ''I doubt I've ever won a game where my quarterback had only 10 completions. It's most important to win. I read where Ricky Neuheisel's quarterback threw for over 429 yards [at the University of Washington] and they got beat. I am sure he would much rather have had the 10 completions and the victory.''

Spurrier, ''It was just a beautiful day to pitch and catch and it is a wonderful stadium. But we didn't pitch and catch very well. So we'll go back to the drawing board and try to do it better.''

Spurrier, ''Kenny Watson is a good tough running back who runs hard and breaks tackles and takes care of the ball. He's an all-around good back that can catch the ball and he has really come into his own this year.''

Redskins DE Bruce Smith, ''We got them in situations where they had to throw the ball. I've got [Daryl Gardener] next to me and they were doing things to stop him and left me one on one. I tried to take advantage of it and I was able to a couple of times.''

Redskins RB Kenny Watson, ''My first start was everything I thought it would be. I had some big shoes to fill with Stephen out.''

Redskins LT Chris Samuels on Betts and Watson, ''They delivered some of the blows. I was excited when I saw them running as hard as they were. It made me want to continue blocking that much harder.''

Redskins CB Champ Bailey on Smith, ''He didn't look too old to me. When he's in the game, he sets guys up. I love to see him have games like this. He works so hard and wants it so bad.''

Redskins QB Shane Matthews, ''I would like to have thrown the ball a little better today. I was disappointed in the crossing route I threw to Derrius. He was wide open and I would like to have that play back.''

Matthews, ''Today showed something about our team. We were bogged down at times. We missed some receivers and some blocks and I had guys wide open and couldn't get them the ball. But we're all going to have bad days.''

Seattle WR Koren Robinson on corners Fred Smoot and Champ Bailey, ''They are good, you can't take anything away from them or their defenses. They're fast and they get to the ball, but I don't think they deterred us from doing what we wanted to do. We moved the ball up and down the field. It's just that on some third downs we couldn't convert. Smoot and Bailey are good corners, but I don't think they were that good to where they stopped our offense.''

Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck, ''Marvin Lewis does a great job of not having tendencies. He changes it up and plays every coverage known to man. He's very good at what he does and they have great players and great talent.''

Hasselbeck on the fourth down sack play, ''It's a good play for almost every coverage, but it's tough against one coverage and that's the coverage they played. We had a look to Koren, if they singled him up one on one and they didn't. We had a look to Bobby if they overplayed a real popular route that we ran down there and they bracketed him. So it was a good play call on their part. If I had time to go somewhere else with it I probably would have tried something.''

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