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A big thanks to Redskins RB Kenny Watson for taking the time to discusss his views on the season, his career, and how teammates and coaches have influenced him. Enclosed is the chat transcript for those that didn't make the chat and for those that just want to relive the experience.

KennyWatson : Hello Everyone...Where are all the fans? I'm ready for questions

bleachers : Kenny thanks very much for joining us tonight. I know you life has become a whirlwind of late, but what has been the most unexpected challenge of starting your first NFL game? The most unexpected reward?

KennyWatson : I don't think there was an unexpected challenge. My coach prepared me for what I would see. As for the reward, I got the reward I was looking for which was a win. The 100 yards was a bonus.

Terry : How do you get along with Davis and Betts, what's it like working with those guys. What do you feel are the strengths of each one and how you best compliment and suppliment each other?

KennyWatson : I think we get along great. We push each other in practice. On sundays we have the same goal. We want to win. We just push each other and pick each other up when we need it. Stephen is a big power runner, but one thing thats underestimated is his speed and Ladell has speed and quickness. I try to use my cutting ability to make some holes and get through there. We can all go into the game at any given time and make plays.

BigCountry48 : Kenny, I just wanted to know what some of the Seattle defenders said to you when you were running all over them?

KennyWatson : If they were saying something I wasn't paying attention to it. I know John Randel is a big talker. But I didn't pay attention to him.

Terry : Kenny looking at other running backs in the league, who you think you are similar to? Somebody noticed that you had a tendancy to curl up like a bowling ball as you are about to get hit and that reminds them a little bit of that Redskin great, Larry Brown.

KennyWatson : I think like Edgerrin James a little bit. The way he's quick, but he has great vision and he has good cutting ability and he's real patient.

PBfromDC : I have 3 questions - 1. I noticed that both you and Rod Gardner do an excellent job of curling up and becoming like a ball before getting hit who taught you that or is it instinct? In a way you remind me of another great Redskins back Larry Brown, who are the other backs you look up to and maybe try to emulate? And is there ever a timing issue with the O-line and the 3 different backs or do you just go out there and do it?

KennyWatson : 1. That's instinct. I never noticed I did it. When we do our drills in practice our coach teahces us to get low and deliver a blow if you can. You don't want to leave yourself a big target. 2. I like Marshall Faulk. I like to watch him play. He's a guy who can do everything out there. 3. We just go out there and do it. We've been coached the same way. We have different abilities, but the plays are coached the same so there's not really a timing issue.

RiggoRanger : (Plays Sound: scream.wav) hey Kenny great game against Seattle, keep it up!- just wondering, do you know what Trotter said to get the taunting call? It seemed pretty tame to you think the refs are making some bad calls this year?

KennyWatson : I don't know what he said. I think every team gets their fair share of bad calls. It's just the way of the game.

RatBoy : Hello Kenny and thank you for being here. What do you think the chances are of you starting in Jacksonville?

KennyWatson : I'm not sure about Stephen's status, but I'll prepare like I'll be the starter, like I do every week. You never know what can happen.

Stephan : Kenny I don't want to put you on the spot but is it true you wanted to be drafted by the Browns?

KennyWatson : No. I don't know where that came from. I would have been happy to be drafted by any team. I'm glad I'm with the Redskins.

Terry : I would like to know what you think of the oline and how much they have come together, can any of the improvement in the blocking be attributed to Tre, and how much is he motivating the O line guys and the rest of the offense?

KennyWatson : They've been doing a good job. They work hard every day and they've been trying to get it together. They had some rough times, but they're doing a good job. I think Tre adds veteran leadership. He's been with the Redskins before, so I think he brings the leadereship and he knows how to get it done. He doesn't strike me as a real vocal guy right now. He's just getting back into his groove. That's what he's mainly doing.

bleachers : When you prepare for a game, what do you specifically look for in film from another team to make a determination about how/where you should run?

KennyWatson : Our coahes do a good job of scouting the teams and we find out what they like to run. We set up our schemes toward their defenses. We have predeterimined aiiming points when we run the ball. The tape is mainly for blitzes,see what fronts they're in. You can really tell a lot by guys who like to attack, maye attack the fullback. How aggressive they are, how fast they are, how smart they are.

KennyWatson : Got time for two more questions!

eddie911 : Is davis like a big brother to you and how much has he helped you

KennyWatson : Yeah you can say that. He's helped me tremendously, he and coach Jackson have tutored me. The number one thing I've seen is his toughness. I've seen him play through so many things that others wouldnt play through. I've seen the way he works and how he approaches the game and the whole NFL. He's given me so many tips how to go about games and preparing for games, he and coach Jackson.

Terry : You played WR at Penn State, and are a tailback with the Skins. Earlier you mentioned that you would like to emulate Marshall Faulk. Do you feel that you have the tools for that role, and do you think Spurrier would use you that way?

KennyWatson : Yeah I think so. I try to work on my game as far as pass receiving. I didn't want to play receiver, but the expereince was great for me, an opportunity to learn something different. I think he'll use me more in that role of a receiver out of the backfield. You have to learn the coverage fo the secondary and what the linebackes are playing, you have to read a lot of things and when you're going out you have to protect first. I'm comfortable with all of that and that all comes from the film study, like we talked about earlier.

KennyWatson : Gotta run. Thanks for chatting. Enjoyed spending the time talking with everyone!

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