This 'n' That at Redskins Park

For a game between two teams who've only played twice, this sure has a lot of edge to it. Seems everyone has a vendetta.

Daryl Gardener is ticked at Tom Coughlin for running up the score against his Miami team in the 1998 playoffs. Renaldo Wynn wants to best his former team and a number of ex-Gators are returning home, led by the ball coach, Steve Spurrier. Rod Gardner, who grew up in Jacksonville, needs 70 tickets. Willie Jackson's dad lives in the area and Chris Doering played for the Jaguars--and he remains p-oe'd at his experience with them in 1996.

. . . Running back Stephen Davis is listed as questionable, but he sounds more like doubtful, according to Spurrier. Davis didn't practice today, won't practice Thursday and likely will be a game time decision. Guard Brenden Stai also is unlikely to play for the fourth straight game.

. . . Spurrier is a trip to cover, constantly giving the media little quips. But what leaves us chuckling is his habit of always starting out his post-practice interview sessions by giving us a weather report. For the record, it was cold and windy today. One day, I asked him for an extended forecast, which he then gave, telling us what the weather would be for the game. By the way, Spurrier also does his interview outdoors, forcing us outside even on dreary days. Toughens us up.

. . . Gardener might have been a pain in the butt in Miami, but all we've seen is a happy player. And not a hint of trouble in the locker room. I wouldn't rush in to sign him to a long-term deal--let him get through the season without any major setbacks with his back first. How silly would the Redskins look if they signed him now and a game later he hurt his back.

. . . Those of you who chatted with running back Kenny Watson on Tuesday night saw what a good guy he is. He's like that in person and told me today he enjoyed talking to the fans. His wish: more people would show up. Players notice what kind of crowd they draw. Good or bad. Already this season, this website has enabled fans to chat with Ken Harvey, Eddie Mason, Chris Doering (twice), Bryan Johnson and Kenny Watson. Can't get that anywhere else; take advantage of it and spread the word.

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