Redskins Bringing in an OT for a Visit

The Redskins are set to meet next week with an Offensive Tackle as the team prepares for the Draft.

Virginia Tech Offensive Tackle Duane Brown told Bucs Blitz's Matthew Postins that he is set to visit with a bunch of teams in the near future including the Redskins.

Brown played Right Tackle for the Hokies this season. But the part you might not know is, Brown also covers punts for the Hokies.

Duane Brown

Brown, a converted Tight End, is as athletic an Offensive Tackle as an NFL team could ask for. He played Tight End his first year of college and then gained a little weight. Since he did not lose any of his speed, he is fast for his size. His speed is what makes him able to cover punts for the Hokies' heralded Special Teams unit.

Brown also told Matthew Postins that most teams are telling him that he could go as early as the second round of the draft.

Could the Redskins be looking at someone to groom to replace either Chris Samuels or Jon Jansen?

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