Redskins' 2008 Schedule Released

The NFL released the Redskins' 2008 football schedule today. Here, we take a look at each game.

So, now that the schedule is here, let's take an in depth look at it. There will be some commentary for each game, whether serious or not.

According to opponents' winning percentages from last year, the Redskins have the 13th most difficult schedule. Of course, that is based on last year's results, which isn't all that relevant. Lot's of teams change their level of play from year to year.

So here's the schedule:

9/4 7:00 PM @ New York Giants NBC
The Redskins Open the 2008 season on Thursday Night against the defending Super Bowl Champions.  This game, especially being in New York, should give new Head Coach Jim Zorn a nice test right out of the gate.
9/14 1:00 PM vs. New Orleans Saints FOX
The Redskins' home opener is against the New Orleans Saints.  So, which Saints team shows up?  The 10-6 Division winning team, or the 7-9 struggling team?
9/21 1:00 PM vs. Arizona Cardinals FOX
Well, I am thinking this game gets the "Yawn" award of the season.  I mean, even when the Cardinals WERE in the NFC East, they were still the team the other teams like to beat on.  If the Redskins lose this game, it could be a long season.
9/28 4:15 PM @ Dallas Cowboys FOX
The Redskins get to travel to Dallas to face the defending NFC East Championships.  This should be a good game as Jim Zorn gets his first taste of this rivalry.
10/5 1:00 PM @ Philadelphia Eagles FOX
See the comments for the Cowboys game, sans the defending champs part.  Pretty much the same deal.  Jim Zorn will get a quick lesson on NFC East football from the always tough Eagles.
10/12 1:00 PM vs. St. Louis Rams FOX
The Rams at home.  This game, while boring on the surface, could actually come up HUGE in playoff seeding, should the Redskins make any kind of run.
10/19 4:15 PM vs. Cleveland Browns CBS
The Brownies are up next.  Well, I have always had a soft spot for the Browns after their owner stripped them of a team and made them the Ravens.  But on this day, that soft spot will be rock solid.
10/26 1:00 PM @ Detroit Lions FOX
The loveable Lions.  I can't remember what the streak is or if there even is one anymore. But I do know the Redskins have all but owned this team recently.  Let's hope that continues.
11/3 8:30 PM vs. Pittsburgh Steelers ESPN
This should be a great test for Jim Zorn.  The Steelers are a tough team to beat.  I like the fact that this is a home game.  If it was in Pittsburgh, I wouldn't give the Redskins much of a chance in this one.
11/9 BYE WEEK    
WOW.  What is this?  A Bye Week in the MIDDLE of the season?  Is this a joke?  Is it me, or have the Redskins pretty much always had an EARLY Bye Week recently?  I like this location for the Bye.
11/16 8:15 PM vs. Dallas Cowboys NBC
It's at home.  It's the Cowboys.  It's the Rivalry.  I hope the fans are up to this game no matter the team's record at the time.  I think it will be a good thing for Jim Zorn to learn about the rivalry from a home perspective.
11/23 4:15 PM @ Seattle Seahawks FOX
Good Grief!!  The Seahawks?  At Quest Field?  Are they in the Redskins' Division?  Seems like we play them all the time now.  Granted, two of those games were in the playoffs.  Maybe the Redskins can finally get the Qwest monkey off their back in Jim Zorn's "Home Coming?"
11/30 1:00 PM vs. New York Giants FOX
The defending champs, Round Two.  Most credit the Giants' win in Washington last year as their catalyst for the season.  They were about to implode and this win turned their season around for them.  Here's to no repeats of that.
12/7 1:00 PM @ Baltimore Ravens FOX
Ah the Ravens.  Well, Ravens fans will be over fired up for this game.  Seems they think this should be some grand rivalry nearing Redskins vs. Cowboys level.  I say "Eh, who cares?  It is an AFC team."
12/14 1:00 PM @ Cincinnati Bengals FOX
Hmmm..   Another fairly boring game in my opinion.  They are in the AFC. Now, of course, if this winds up being a "Ocho Cinco" home coming, then it could be interesting.  Here's to hoping it isn't and is just another AFC game.
12/21 1:00 PM vs. Philadelphia Eagles FOX
Eagles, round two.  Well, I went to this game last year.  That game was a nightmare for me.  Let's hope it isn't another nightmare.
12/28 4:15 PM @ San Francisco 49ers FOX
Nice way to close out the season.  If the Redskins are close to a playoff spot, it will be nice to have this match up to close the season out.  I am not guaranteeing a win or anything, but let's face it.  With a playoff spot on the line, this is surely an easier matchup than some.

Wait a second!

Where are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? The Redskins are supposed to play them every season!!


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