Notes from Redskins Park

Running back Stephen Davis did not practice because of his sprained knee. Again. Don't look for him against Jacksonville on Sunday. Same with guard Brenden Stai, who will miss his fourth straight game because of a knee injury.

The Redskins are lucky with the timing of Davis' injury. Seattle ranked last against the run; Jacksonville is 26th. And Indianapolis, against whom Davis only played a half, is 30th. But playing those teams will boost Kenny Watson's confidence, as well as the team's confidence in him.

. . . Seattle safety Marcus Robertson was not fined for his hit on receiver Darnerien McCants in the end zone in Sunday's 14-3 Redskins win.

''If I had been known, it would have been a different situation,'' McCants said.

But Redskins coach Steve Spurrier didn't have a problem with the ruling.

. . . Look for all six wideouts to be active again Sunday, as they were against Seattle. Which means more of the five receiver sets. One reason Shane Matthews likes that look: it helps him read defenses better. They must tip their hand to cover all the receivers. On the touchdown pass to McCants, Matthews easily read the blitz because of this formation and unloaded the ball at the right time.

. . . Think Chris Doering has something to prove to Jacksonville coach Tom Coughlin? He cut Doering in August of 1996 after drafting him that spring.

''When I got there, coming from an environment in college with coach Spurrier that was positive, it was such a negative experience,'' Doering said. ''They were always harping on stuff. It was the other end of the spectrum. That may help for some players, but it's not the style I responded best to. I wanted to quit football and do something else. I was miserable.''

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