Rat Boy's RANT II <BR>Redskins jobbed by NFL AGAIN

Okay, many Redskins fans have often wondered if the NFL Commissioner Tagliabue "had it in" for "his favorite team." Well, due to recent events, I think I know the answer to that question.


Why you ask?

Here recently, the NFL has levied HUGE fines to two NFL safeties in the NFC. First, the Dallas Cowboys' Darren Woodson was fined $75,000 for his hit on a player. I did not happen to see this hit so I can't really comment on the hit or whether it deserved such a hefty fine or not. Also, The Eagles' Brian Dawkins was fined $50,000 for his hit on a player in one of their recent games. Now, I watched this game, and saw this hit. Dawk left his feet, and speared, helmet first, into the player.

But the key to this is this: The player that Dawkins hit had BOTH FEET ON GROUND. (Note to readers: REMEMBER THIS POINT.)

Now, on to how the NFL once again jobbed the Redskins.

Last weekend, in a game against the Seahawks, Seahawks' safety Marcus Robertson left his feet slightly, and hit McCants, HELMET TO HELMET. Now, McCants had just scored a TD, so this play was in the End Zone. Now, the NFL has decided to NOT fine Robertson and deem the hit totally legal.

Well, here is the kicker. When asked WHY, here is what the NFL had to say:

"According to an NFL official, the league reviewed the play but decided that McCants was not in a defenseless position when he was hit because he already had both feet on the ground after making a touchdown catch."

Hmmmm.. The player Dawkins hit had both feet on the ground, but it didn't seem to matter. Our player has both of HIS feet on the ground, and the hit was legal.

Funny thing is, I could have sworn the NFL stated that ANY helmet to helmet hit would NOT be tolerated. I mean, that IS why the referee flagged Robertson for a personal foul in the first place, RIGHT?!?!?!

So, what kind of message does THIS BS send to the rest of the NFL? That spearing is wrong, UNLESS it is against a Redskins player? The rules are different if it involves the Redskins?

I think this is straight horse you know what and quite frankly, it makes me sick!!!

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