Our Take: Draft Day One

Here is rundown of the Redskins draft picks and our take on them:

Devin Thomas

The good: Thomas fits what the Redskins need; he's coming off a very productive year at Michigan State. He's fast, has good hands and isn't afraid to go over the middle. The only time he struggled this year, at all, was in the bowl game when he had problems with kickoffs. But he's considered an explosive returner so he can help there too if need be. We didn't hear anything bad about Thomas in terms of character, always a good sign.

The bad: He only put up big numbers for one year. Does that matter? A new offense last year certainly helped him. He's still considered raw, which means there will be an adjustment period.

The verdict: Thomas is a good choice because he can help in the return game as well as at receiver. He has a high ceiling and was productive. You have to wonder about James Thrash, because of Thomas' ability to return kicks.

Fred Davis

The good: He looks the part and has wonderful hands, despite a poor combine showing. Davis moves well, partly because he used to play wide receiver. He did not look stiff and is capable of athletic catches. He caught 62 passes this past season after grabbing 38 as a junior.

The bad: When we asked one talent evaluator who they would avoid because of character concerns, Davis was on the list. This person had questions about who he hung around. Others, too, have questioned his maturity and focus.

The verdict: There's a major if when it comes to Davis. He could be a real good player … if he's focused on football. If that's the case, then the Redskins could have landed another good offensive player.

Malcolm Kelly

The good: At 6-foot-3, 219 pounds he has the size to excel in this offense – or any offense for that matter. He's willing to go over the middle and adjusts well to the ball. In his last two seasons, Kelly caught a combined 111 passes with 19 touchdowns. He's also considered a good blocker. He gets a good burst off the line.

The bad: Like Davis, there are concerns about his mindset. He apparently showed up overweight at the Combine, not a good sign. And he is not a burner, though one former scout said nobody worried about his speed anyway; he's not someone who will run by players. Some have questioned his work ethic, though Vinny Cerrato is tight with Oklahoma's strength coach who raved about him to Cerrato.

The verdict: Another high-ceiling hit-or-miss pick. The Redskins can't take too many such players because it leads to combustibility. Kelly will challenge for the No. 3 job and because of his size will have the ability to contribute immediately.

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