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Several Redskins' players spoke to the media after the first day of mini camp. See what they had to say.

Jason Campbell (#17)

On Coach Zorn's offense:

"He has a great offense. It is not a real hard offense to learn. There are a lot of key things to keep in mind as far as technique-wise and reading coverages and getting the ball out of your hands fast. That is the main thing about this offense: ball out fast and technique."

On if there is a noticeable difference to Head Coach Jim Zorn's practice as opposed to how former Head Coach Joe Gibbs ran practice:

"Pretty much all the guys came out excited today. That is the same as when Coach Gibbs was here. It is a different mindset because it is a new year, and after everything we went through last season we are trying to build off of that and go the long way, try to get all the way. It starts with day one. One thing we are trying to build early on is unity. If we become a team as one everything else will take care of itself."

On if Head Coach Jim Zorn is more hands on than former Head Coach Joe Gibbs:

"He is a little bit more hands on. He is a guy that likes to move around. He is very competitive and likes to be involved in a lot of things. Every coach has their differences. Coach Gibbs used a different approach. Every coach is different just like every quarterback has their differences that they do."

On if he feels there will be enough time for Coach Zorn to get everything set before training camp with what he wants to do:

"Today we have two-a-days, so that helps a lot. We can get a lot of practice within a couple of days and then go right into OTA's. There is still a lot of time across the summer where we can get a lot of things in and a lot of things involved."

On how the rookie receivers did today:

"You always expect them to come out and try to catch on with everything. We have some extremely good talent there at that position and they have great guys to learn from. We are excited about them. When a rookie receiver comes in, one thing they have to learn is technique as a receiver and the next thing they have to learn is route running. It is based off of different coverages and different looks that they are going to see."

On how his knee feels:

"I feel great today. I felt like I moved around well with my knee. It didn't give me any side effects. I am excited about it. I don't think twice about it. I am really enjoying the movement that we are trying to do."

Clinton Portis ( RB, #26)

On the first practice under Coach Zorn:

"It was a laid back practice. The attitude he is bringing, the strategy he brings, and I think the guys are going to like it. A lot of people are having fun. A lot of people are looking forward to doing this."

On if he is excited about the new additions to the team:

"We are real excited. I don't think there were many dropped balls today. The balls that were tipped, you saw the DB's diving after them and getting to them. For the first practice, I think it was great tempo and a great day."

On how Coach Zorn runs practice:

"It was cleaner and faster, but it was more up-tempo. You are going to get your work done, it's just you're going to get it done at a faster pace."

On if Coach Zorn seemed nervous:

"No, he is used to this. He came in and looked forward to this challenge and getting this team and this organization to a conference championship. That is our main goal right now."

On if it was strange not seeing former head coach Joe Gibbs on the field:

"It was, but at the same time Coach Gibbs is doing great right now. I get to watch him on NASCAR. I am trying to get him to let me come down and drive before the season starts. It is great for what he is doing. I think him stepping away, family issues and all, a lot of guys figured it would be hard to replace him, but I think Coach Zorn was a great pick to come in and do that."

Santana Moss (WR, #89)

On if Coach Zorn seems much younger than Coach Gibbs:

"You can sense he is younger, but at the same time, it is obvious. I just feel that for this to be his first year as a head coach he is approaching the team the right way. I am eager to learn from him. I am eager to see what he has in store for us and I am eager to win for him."

On how the rookie receivers did today:

"They did pretty good. All of them are talented and it is going to be interesting just to see where they progress. I feel like the first day they are going to be a little jittery, we all are, because we all are learning the new offense. We all are back out here the first day trying to make a good impression on the coaching staff. Those guys are going to have a lot to learn, just how to be able to be a pro and how to take it one day at a time and not try to go out there and do too much. I am doing a little talking to some of them just letting them know that it is all about patience. It is all about soaking up everything and doing the best with whatever you learn."

Malcolm Kelly (WR, #12)

On how it feels to practice in the NFL for the first time:

"It is cool, especially having the guys come around actually trying to help you out. Santana (Moss, WR, #89), Antwaan (Randle El, WR, #82), even James (Thrash, WR, #83), all those guys are coming up to you and trying to help you out instead of you just learning it yourself, so that is helping out a whole lot. Another thing that is helping out is everybody has stuff to learn. It is a brand new offense, so everybody has stuff to learn. We are kind of on the same playing field."

On if the NFL is a lot faster than college:

"A little bit. The DB's break on stuff a little bit better, but I am already finding new little tricks and stuff that they are telling me to do- not showing your route as much and stuff like that. Once I learn the terminology I will be pretty good."

On the anticipation leading to mini-camp:

"I couldn't wait to finally get out there and catch the ball. That is what it is all about. You play football to do that. With a great organization, I don't think I could be in a better place. I'm happy to be here."

On how much he is picking up on the offense:

"I'm picking it up a lot. It's not as hard as you think. I studied the plays last night and the exact plays I studied last night are exactly what we ran today. It's not as hard as people try to make it out to be. This is just day one too, so we have a lot of plays to learn. If I just take it day-by-day, I feel like I ought to be pretty good."

Devin Thomas (WR, #11)

On his first practice:

"It was good. [I had] a lot of butterflies at first, but I was pretty relaxed out there. I didn't try to do too much, just tried to take everything in and do what the coaches said."

On his first impressions of Coach Zorn:

"I felt like it was real smooth, real organized. We understood what he was trying to do. He is a great coach. I feel like we have a good thing going on here."

On Malcolm Kelly (WR, #12):

"I feel like we complement each other. As a matter of fact, we're roommates right now so we have a lot of time to go over the playbook together and we can help each other. So, that helps out a lot."

On if the veterans have taken them under their wings:

"Yeah, a lot of the older receivers talk to us and help us out with certain things we do wrong and try to touch up and polish things. It has been great."

On if he is happy to have his first practice over:

"Yeah, it feels good. I have been waiting a while, anticipating mini-camp. Finally come out here, had good weather and everything, it was a good first practice."

On the differences between college and the NFL:

"It is a big difference. In college you have a little less pressure, as far as being comfortable with your position. Now, it's a job, everybody is fighting for a job. You have to work a little harder and really pay attention to certain things, but it is good. I am happy to be here."

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