Redskins Minicamp: Day 2

John Keim reports on his observations from the Redskins' second day of mini camp under Jim Zorn.

...Jim Zorn broke out the dodge ball game, using large Pilates balls to throw at his quarterbacks. One would stand in the middle with a football as if in the pocket. The other quarterbacks, and Zorn, would stand in a circle and alternate throwing a ball at him.

Zorn's first toss of the ball hit Jason Campbell.

"The idea is to get out of the way," he said to Campbell.

The best one in the group? Campbell. When the balls flew at him, he dodged them well and kept his eyes and head up. Others weren't as good; Sam Hollenbach ducked almost every time. Todd Collins was OK.

...Receiver Billy McMullen has looked pretty good at times; does a nice job driving off defenders.

...Gotta love Joe Bugel. At one point he yelled at rookie Devin Clark to, "Get your ass of the ground and run!"

...Corner Eddie Jackson had a nice pick of a Collins floater in zone coverage.

... Kedric Golston was carted off the field and has an ankle sprain. He won't practice tomorrow and there's no word yet when he'll return. The OTAs start Monday.

...Steve Largent, Zorn's best friend, attended practice this afternoon. At one point, Zorn told the receivers, "See that guy over there in the green shirt and khaki shorts? He's in the Hall of Fame." He said the wideouts couldn't believe it.

...Receiver Devin Thomas missed practice for personal reasons.

...Lorenzo Alexander has worked exclusively with the defense thus far.

...Rookie Malcolm Kelly made a leaping catch near the sideline, prompting Zorn to yell out, "Nice job!" and walk over for a hand slap. Santana Moss yelled out to Kelly, "Thataway MK!"

...Rock Cartwright did not like hearing Justin Tryon's comments after the draft that he guarantees he could get the ball to the 50 every time on a kick return. Danny Smith laughed at it, telling reporters every team hopes he's back there. In other words, pipe down, rook.

...Tryon is shorter than 5-foot-9, perhaps by an inch. Yours truly is a shade over 5-foot-9 – we'd like to think 5-10 – but Tryon does not see eye to eye with us.

...Zorn is very big on tempo, constantly yelling out to "get it going" to the offense.

...Rookie Rob Jackson has a little burst off the edge. You'll see it when he goes against young linemen, but vets won't have a problem with him early on because he does not seem all that strong or diverse in his moves. That's why he was a low-round pick.

...LaRon Landry would have decked Santana Moss on one pass, but had to pull up. He let Moss know what would have happened.

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