Player's Corner: Jansen and Griffin Speak

Cornelius Griffin and Jon Jansen spoke with the media today after the first day of OTA's. See what they had to say about the first OTA's under head coach Jim Zorn right here.

Jon Jansen (OT, #76)

On getting the offensive line going:

"Anytime you can get the five of us back on the field at one time, definitely we are excited. Coach Bugel (Offensive line coach) is excited and I think Washington should be excited."

On how things change for him with the west coast offense:

"Not a whole lot. Really, if anything, there is probably not as big of a playbook. It will be not as much out there, but what we do we have to do it well."

On what is most valuable about OTAs:

"I think what is most valuable right now for us as an offensive line is just getting back out there, getting in the rhythm of football and learning our calls. We have a couple of new calls this year, but not a whole lot. It is just really working together and getting a rhythm back together and going out and having fun together."

On how he would describe OTAs:

"It is really just another day of practice for us. There are some things, obviously, the Union says we can't do, but other than that we are just coming out and really trying to come together as a team. Every year there are new components, there are new things that are happening and this year we have some new plays, some different plays. We are just going out and trying to get the rhythm of what we are doing."

On Head Coach Jim Zorn:

"Right now everybody is real excited to play for him. He is a guy that relates to the players real well, being one himself at one time. I think everybody is just excited to have him out there."

Cornelius Griffin (DT, #96)

On if the defense changes under Greg Blache (Defensive Coordinator):

"He changed a few things, but not a whole lot. There are some good things. I'll leave it at that."

On if Greg Blache (Defensive Coordinator) is a quiet coach:

"No he's not. He is a great coach. He pays very close attention to detail. He lets you know what is expected of you and he expects you to go out and do your job."

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