Adam Caplan Chat Transcript: 5-6-08

Chat Transcript. Read Adam Caplan's shocking statements about Colt Brennan, Malcolm Kelly and many other Redskin draft picks.

adamcaplan> Hi everyone!

adamcaplan> I thought Washington did a nice job in the draft.

adamcaplan> Trading back was actually a smart move being that Thomas was available in the second round

Vatoothdoc> Welcome Adam...been a follower of yours since your early fantasy footballdays.

adamcaplan> Cool, I'm not involved much in fantasy any more other than the show on Sirius but I'm in a few leagues.

CounterTrey> We scored with who we picked but the key question among redskins fans seems to be were they the right postions ie TE and Davis?

adamcaplan> The move raised some eyes but Davis' addition gives them the ability to go two-TEs more, Plus he'll help their red zone offense. I noticed about 4 teams did that. Took a TE early when they have an established starter.

Vatoothdoc> Adam overall how would you rate our draft? I know it's early but I thought we did well?

adamcaplan> Solid, I don't ever give grades until 3 years have passed but I liked the plan. I would expect Kelly to start of Thomas who is raw. Thomas has more upside for down the line. They have to get Moss protection with a physical presence on the other side.

Rat_Boy> Adam, what do you think of the big deal being made about the Redskins taking 3 pass catchers despite the needs on the defensive line?

adamcaplan> The DE crop was weak.

CounterTrey> New trend maybe?

adamcaplan> It was interesting but each team wanted to have a good second option at the position. Look at Dallas. They really didn't need to take one early but did.

CounterTrey> what about jason taylor?

adamcaplan> They didn't offer a first rounder so they didn't get him.

Vatoothdoc> Adam I'm one of the guys who is concerned about the lack of pass rush from our d-line. Any info on if the Redskins are looking to improve here?

adamcaplan> I don't expect anything significant to come to fruition. They didn't have high grades on the ones that went in the first two rounds. I can tell you they do like Alex Buzbee.

newshog> Any likely rushers going to be released in June (though that market's dried up recently)?

adamcaplan> No one of note expected.

21037dad> Do tou think the J Taylor price drops as camp gets closer?

CounterTrey> So you don't see the possibility of JT's trade stock dropping and the dolphin staking less for him in a month or so?

adamcaplan> They seem to want to keep him now. Once the draft is over the urgency to make a deal drops

Vatoothdoc> Adam is Zorn's version of the WCO going to be difficult to put in...and how long do you think it will take the team to be good at it?

22JoeWash> And what about Campbell running the WCO?

adamcaplan> Campbell played in the WCO in college so his transition won't be as hard as first thought. But learning it on the go for the WRS will be a challenge.

adamcaplan> As for Zorn, great teacher for QBs and the scheme will be good once the players learn it but it's much different from Saunders. Route running is even more essential in this scheme.

Carnack> Any views on how the WCO will utilize two TE's in Zorn's offense?

adamcaplan> I would expect Davis to be in more when they go two-TEs, especially in the red zone. Cooley got manhandled at times and Davis was seen by many as a WCO TE. They'll move both TEs depending on the formation, down, distance, but getting Davis on the field makes defenses declare their intention coverage wise.

Vatoothdoc> But the routes are shorter as well///right

21037dad> Did davis play split wide at all?

adamcaplan> he played in it at USC.

Vatoothdoc> Adam by your earlier statement I take it you see Kelly as having a more immediate impact than Thomas?

adamcaplan> Not really impact, it's about readiness to play. Scouts didn't feel Thomas was ready to play a big role as a rookie. He needs work in several areas but his upside is big for down the line. Route running is something he needs to work on

Carnack> Any insights on who may be released at DT of note around the league come June 1?

adamcaplan> Again, not expected to see any names of note post June 1. There rarely are these days. Most moves were done earlier. It's the most meaningless and overrated part of the NFL year. Fans go overboard and then feel bad when no names are let go. I usually do a short column on it a few days before.

newshog> How about our new punter, Durant Brooks--is Derrick Frost out the door, or will it be a competition?

adamcaplan> He was the top P in the draft. Frost has improved over the years but they need to get him some competition.

Carnack> What is the word around the league regarding R. Colvin...

adamcaplan> Still coming back from a broken foot.

Carnack> Is there concern over his repeasted injuries? He is still relatively young.

adamcaplan> The concern is when he'll be able to play.

22JoeWash> what do you think of Chad Rinehart?

adamcaplan> I thought he may have been selected a round or so later. He's a developmental OL--can play G or RT.

Monkster> What is your take on the Colt experiment?

adamcaplan> He's an arena league QB. Nothing more. He won't play at the NFL level.

Carnack> Many of the OG's in this draft went very late or not at all. Is there any you see as particular values?

adamcaplan> The G/T types like Baker and Duane Brown went well earlier than expected because of the OT run. Those two were the lowest rated of the late round 1, early round 2 guys. That's why they went earlier than expected. Much earlier actually.

21037dad> Any UDFA stick

Vatoothdoc> I had heard that Ainge was the QB draft target but got taken ...leaving Colt any truth to that?

adamcaplan> Not sure, he [Ainge] has a decent yet unaccurate arm. I'd be shocked if Brennan starts a game at the NFL level.

Carnack> Which of our Day Two selections do you see with the biggest upside, outside of brooks.

adamcaplan> Kareem Moore is a very interesting player.

newshog> What is it about Colt's game that you see that will keep him from the NFL?

adamcaplan> Arm strength. Ability to make stick throws.

Carnack> I wanted to compliment you on your work with Sirius. You have really found your groove and have brought a steady hand to the Fantasy segments.

adamcaplan> Thanks, the fantasy show starts in July, I'm on every Friday now 8-11 pm EST on channel 124.

Vatoothdoc> WHat are you hearing that Zorn liked so much about Colt then?

adamcaplan> Probably a good value there.

Monkster> expand a bit on Moore please

adamcaplan> Good size for safety position, nice developmental prospect

Carnack> You may find this of interest but the only drafted Day two player Blache mentioned specifically was Moore.

adamcaplan> I haven't read any of the transcripts of late but Moore was a small school player that I thought could stick. And they need depth at safety.

Carnack> Blache likened his game to that of Taylor; re. hitting ability and sure tackling.

adamcaplan> He has size, 215 area.

Carnack> What was his timed 40?

adamcaplan> I don't recall

Carnack> Does he have Pro range?

adamcaplan> He's a big hitter. That's why they drafted him.

Carnack> or strictly SS...

adamcaplan> I would think a box player-SS. Training camp will tell a lot

adamcaplan> there is literally nothing in free agency at DE, so they will have to look from within. Possibly a trade at the end of August when rosters are set

Vatoothdoc> Adam one of the big debates with the fans is Vinny Cerrato. What is his reputation around the league and is he a good evaluator of talent?

adamcaplan> Lets say that his rep wasn't great before this draft. But they did a nice job.

Carnack> I know very little of the CB we drafted, any insights?

adamcaplan> Tyron is small, projects to dime. Maybe nickel down the road.

22JoeWash> We all like Zorn so far. What do you see as his future as a HC?

Vatoothdoc> How do you think Zorns first year will go.....

adamcaplan> As a teacher of offense I think he will be good. The issue is how he is managing people. That I can't evaluate yet. That's really going to be a huge issue for him. Lots of assistants have trouble going to the head job from below.

Ramseyqb> How do the players feel about Zorn?

adamcaplan> It's a little too early to judge that. The first test is in training camp/pre-season. See how he handles the stuff that goes on.

Vatoothdoc> Adam that's true...but I really get a good feeling about Zorn's chances. He seems to be really taking charge..

Vatoothdoc> The first weekend together really went well by most reports.

adamcaplan> It's almost hard to not look good now as a head coach. He won't be put to the test for a while.

newshog> Thought he did pretty well, given how late he came into the picture.

adamcaplan> That's all the time I have, we'll do it again soon, little earlier next time.

[Many Thanks from all chat participants.]

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