Lewis makes mistake

Michigan State might be interested in him. And Marvin Lewis might be interested in the Spartans. Nothing wrong with that. But we do have a problem with him saying Washington is no utopia. We don't disagree; we just question the wisdom of Lewis saying such a thing.

Lewis has told other reporters that the Redskins situation is not utopia. He repeated that on his segment with local sports anchor George Michael on Monday.

Washington no utopia? No kidding. This remains, and always will be, a dysfunctional organization. The recipe for success does not simply lie in tossing out lots of money. As we know, that doesn't always buy happiness.

This is a very unhappy place--though much of that stems from the losing, which the head coach is unaccustomed to. At the start of the season, we actually thought the atmosphere was good. Things have changed, though winning can turn things back around.

But it starts at the top and anyone who thinks this is a well-run place is kidding themselves. One scout told Pro Football Weekly it's one of the five worst organizations in the NFL. Not sure if that's right, but it's indicative of what others around the league think.

That said, Lewis gets paid by the Redskins. Quite well, too. It's clear that he wants to become a head coach someday, but he needs to think before he speaks. Though he might have meant nothing more than saying no place is utopia, a harmless statement, Lewis' words were wrong. Why? Because the immediate take on this is a slam on owner Daniel Snyder, who is shelling out record money to Lewis.

The words also came at the wrong time. The Redskins are in the midst of survival--two more losses and the postseason is almost a guaranteed goner again. What was he thinking?

Everyone knew Lewis wouldn't be here long. Maybe only for a year. Thing is, we're not sure if he'll get a head coaching job. He comes across very poorly in interviews--word out of Carolina is that they didn't like him for that reason. He doesn't suffer fools well, wears a constant smirk and can be more than a bit sarcastic. He's not a bad guy, but he doesn't like dealing with outside factors like the media--and, at MSU, we have a hard time seeing him enjoy those schmoozing luncheons. Head coaches HAVE to put up with such stuff.

He's an excellent coach--disciplined, confident and very, very organized. He deserves a shot. And he'll get one someday. He just needs to remember where he is right now.

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