Conference Call With: Michael Strahan

Q: What do you miss with Jessie Armstead no longer there?

A: Leadership,leadership and leaderhip. Capital letters. The guys know what to expect from him every time he steps on the field. He's a guy full of fire and probably the most instinctive player I've ever played with.

Q: How did you feel when he left?

A: Almost like a piece of me was gone because he meant a lot to me. He helped me through some stuff. I honestly said it was the end of an era. It hurt. It still hurts. I still miss him not being here. But it's great to see he's doing well in Washington.

Q: How is the defense doing without him?

A: We're doing all right. We have a lot of young guys playing. But you don't replace someone like Jessie because of his competitiveness and his fire. And Jessie knows football.

Q: What do you think of Jon Jansen?

A: He's a great player. He always gives me a hard time. I look forward to playing against him. He's one of the toughest guys I have to face.

Q: Did you and Tiki patch things up?

A: Man, don't go back to that old stuff. That's so irrelevant. I know you're behind us in Washington. That question is like last year. Let's move on.

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