Q & A With Steve Spurrier Part 1

The Ballcoach talks about everything leading up to the Giants game and much much more, in this two part series.

What are your thoughts about coming up here for this NFC East Division battle?

Well, we're starting a lot of our division games now, five of the last seven. If we're going to get back in that division hunt, we're trying to get back even with the Giants. It'll be a tough game. They are a good team, and I'm impressed with their defensive team and their offensive team. So, anyways, we're trying to play well and trying to get ourselves a victory if we can.

Were you disappointed or surprised with the way your offense has been working?

Yeah, I'm a little frustrated at times that we have not performed quite as well as I had hoped or expected. But that's the way it's happened and we just have got to keep plugging along and take care of some errors and get a little bit better here and there. Get a little bit better on the play calling. It all goes in there. Sometimes you can have some better plays called, trying to coach the quarterback to get to some plays occasionally and things like that. So we're struggling but there's still hope.

Is there anything about preparing for NFL defenses week in and week out that surprises you or that you didn't expect?

Certainly the defenses are better. The types of coverages are basically not that complicated. I wish I could say, 'Man, I've never seen these coverages before.' All good defenses pretty much keep their coverage schemes so everybody knows what to do. It's not like we've been confused. It's just that we haven't executed quite as well. We haven't gotten open as well as we had hoped and hadn't thrown it or pass-blocked it or whatever. For some reason we haven't hit as well as I had hoped. But we're still plugging along. Every now and then we look like we know what we're doing. And every now and then we just look like we've got a bunch of wasted plays, the quarterback just throws it up in the stands somewhere or out of bounds. We're trying to get better.

What do you think about the criticisms people have of said about you valuing the system over the quarterback?

No I never really said that. You've got to have good players and obviously when you watch most teams play, a quarterback that scramble every now and then, make a scramble play or run with the ball and keep the drives going is very beneficial to that team. We don't have scrambling quarterbacks and we need to protect our guys, so we've got to have a good play on each time. And when we have good ones up we have to execute them. Because you're not always going to have really good plays up. That's just sort of the way that it is these days for us.

Did you overrate your Florida guys rather than look at them by how they've played in the NFL?

No, I don't want to say that. I just want to say that I thought overall we would throw and catch a little bit better than we have been doing.

Re: Blaming himself/taking accountability for loss.

Anytime you lose, and you throw that many times it's not smart. We had a few drives were we had a chance, actually we had 5 different drives where we had a chance to score points and we got one. We went for 4th down a couple of times down there and couldn't connect. Anyways, that's the way it turned out. We threw one interception in the end zone. We actually moved the ball a little bit and as everybody knows last weekend was probably one of the nicest weather days all around the country. In Pittsburgh and Atlanta they threw for tons of yards, both teams.

Peyton Manning, over in Philadelphia it was just beautiful weather down there especially. We had good pass protection most of the game and we thought we had a good idea of what their coverage was most of the time and we kept thinking we could hit more than we did. And then we were behind, we got behind at the start of the 3rd quarter. Then at the start of the 4th it was 23-7. So I think we threw about 20 in the 4th trying to catch up. The score always lends to what you're doing, but we probably threw too much. There's no question that we threw too much. We're just not that good a passing team and we need to try and balance it up if we can.

How much of that was done because Stephen Davis was out and will he be back this week?

He should be back, he's going to try to practice some this week. But I don't know. It's just that as a play caller you look around and you think you see something open and you try to go to it and it just doesn't work out.

As I said earlier, maybe I had too much confidence in our passing game, and I don't know if it would've changed the game or not, but we should have run more. I think we ran the first four plays of the second half and gained 4 yards. So it wasn't like were just ripping it up down the field. But we should've run more, no question about it.

Are you worried about Jessie Armstead this week jiving with the Giants before the game?

If he wants to say hello to his pals I understand that. The part I don't really like is when they're laughing and giggling and jiving and all of that stuff. To me, when the game ends there's a winner and loser and the loser should act like a loser. That's just the way that I look at it, and as you know sometimes some guys have a way of getting over losses than I think they should. So that's a part we're if we get our butts beat fellas we don't need to be out there laughing and giggling with guys on the other team. Say hello and get your butt off the field and lets try to get better and make sure that doesn't happen a lot of times to us.

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