June 9 OTA Quotes: Jim Zorn

Jim Zorn spoke with the media today after OTA's. See what he had to say about how the installation of the offense is going, the team outing to the movies and Michael Strahan.

Head Coach Jim Zorn

On installing the new offense:

"We put in several new concepts today in different areas: the play-action and screen were among some of the different plays we worked on. I am very pleased. We are moving right along. We still have some miscues. We are not perfect. What I am appreciating about the players is they are willing to communicate, talk about it, not get down, not get frustrated and the coaches just staying encouraged, so we are able to put in those concepts and move through the offense. I would say that we are anywhere between 70 and 80 percent complete for what we wanted to get done and we have three more practices to go."

On if he will change what he has planned for practices:

"We have them all planned out. I think we need to keep them exactly how we planned them out, not make any changes right now. I guess if anything I would cut back just because we are pushing guys both physically and mentally with the heat out here. It zaps you a little bit as well. I was very, very pleased with how we concentrated. Tomorrow, we will come and give it a go again."

On precautions the team is taking because of the heat:

"The breeze out there made it quite nice, to be honest with you. We just try to keep water in everybody, and Gatorade. Nobody fell out. We are going to go earlier in training camp so it will even be cooler. I felt like everybody worked hard."

On taking the team to see a movie:

"Today Mr. Snyder had the privilege of getting the preview of a movie: Hancock. We are going to go to the theater, show it to our team and just have a team function. It will give us a chance to cool off, have some candy, soda pop and the Johnny Rocket hamburgers, with some chicken sandwiches I believe as well. We are going to have a lot of fun. This is a great team bonding activity."

On if he wants 100% of the offense installed this week:

"We will have enough concepts installed to take us into pre-season. We will then work through the concepts during pre-season and our guys should be easily in a place where we can introduce a new concept and they know what it is even during the middle of the season. That is what we are trying to do, get them familiar with the terminology. Everybody is communicating and moving in a good direction."

On Michael Strahan retiring:

"He has just been a tremendous player and had a great career. He is a fun guy. He is the kind of guy that makes football enjoyable to coach and enjoyable to play alongside of just because he has so much fun when he plays. It means something to him. He has made it important to him his whole career. I am sure he will be on TV. You haven't seen the last of him, but I will say it's not going to make my job any easier because there are some great football players out there and we have to be ready for the next guy that steps in."

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