June 9 OTA Quotes: Jon Jansen & Stephon Heyer

Jon Jansen and Stephon Heyer spoke with the media today after OTA's. See what they both had to say about the heat and Michael Strahan among other things.

Jon Jansen (OT, #76)

On what made Michael Strahan such a difficult match-up:

"The thing that Mike did well was that he understood the game of football. He wasn't just out there chasing the ball. He was setting you up for the next move, the third and long, or the end of the game when it mattered most. You always had to be smart against him, and he was a guy that could play the run or pass at the same time."

On whether he is convinced that Strahan won't be returning:

"I'll be convinced at half time of the Thursday night football game if he's not out there."

On how much he enjoyed the battles with Strahan:

"I enjoyed them a lot, and if he's not returning, the game of football will be different without him. He was a personality in New York, and a terrific player that made plays."

On the possibility that Strahan's replacement could be former Redskin Renaldo Wynn:

"I know. I saw that he signed up there so I look forward to seeing him and being reunited one way or another."

On whether the intense heat during OTAs serves as a warm-up for training camp:

"A lot of the guys that have been here understand what camp will be like. What it is going to do is prepare the rookies and other young guys that haven't been here. It will get their minds accustomed to what it will be like, but they have to prove that they'll be ready."

On how far along the offense is in learning the new playbook:

"We are as far along as we are at any point during this time of any coaching installation. Right now we have to go out and build on the things that we have done well, and correct the things we haven't. And that's a process that will continue through OTAs and into training camp."

On what he appreciates most about Ethan Albright:

"The thing that I appreciate most about Ethan Albright and Danny Smith as coach is that they give us so much material in the locker rooms. Having a guy like Ethan allows you to not have to think about that position. You don't have to worry about the plays he is in on because you know that he is going to be automatic, and he's going to get the ball to the holder with efficiency and accuracy."

On where Albright belongs on the team:

"He's like a kicker. We joke with him that he's played as many plays in 14 years as we have played in one or two years, but he is a great guy in the locker room. He has been my roommate ever since he has been here, so we have a special relationship. You really count on guys like Ethan, Rock [Cartwright], James Thrash to go out, and not necessarily recognize what they do, but you just know they do their job every time."

On the improvement he has seen in Jason Campbell's learning process:

"He has done a great job of getting with Coach Zorn, and learning what Coach wants out of the offense and Jason's technique. We won't see a completely different quarterback because there are a lot of thing Jason does naturally well, but there will be little things in term of his technique, efficiency, and leadership that he will feel more comfortable with in his second full season of starting."

On the improvements he would like to see in himself and the offense over the next couple of days:

"In the OTAs we practice a lot of pass protection because you can't be too physical without any pads on. For me, it's getting in a rhythm of pass sets, getting back in the rhythm of football, and being comfortable working with Randy [Thomas] and the offensive line unit. For our offense, it's all about getting the timing down, getting a rhythm, and getting the feel of moving the ball down field, getting first downs, and staying on the field."

Stephon Heyer (OL, #74)

On dealing with the heat:

"It's steaming out here today. If we were in pads, we would be in trouble. I think a lot of us pushed through it and we did pretty well."

On playing against the retiring Michael Strahan:

"[He is] just a great athlete and a good player. For him to be an old guy he still had a young mans heart and motor. It was good to go against him and I am glad I had a chance to go against him."

On the intimidation of playing against Michael Strahan:

"It was up there. I watched him growing up as a kid when he was making sacks and making a name for himself. It was eerie to be in Giants Stadium on a cold night going against Michael Strahan. It was great and probably one of my most memorable moments."

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