They said what?

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier on a possible QB change, ''We'll look at it. We'll look at anything. We've got to do something to give some excitement to this offense. I'm not sure what it is right now, but we've got to do something.''

THEY SAID WHAT? Spurrier, ''I thought we'd play better offensively than what we're doing right now. We've regressed a little bit the last couple of games, but we're going to carry on.''

Giants coach Jim Fassel, ''You think you have control of the game, but you're seeing turnovers and you're not forcing them, you're dropping them and you think that in the end this could end up biting us right in the [butt]. But it didn't.''

Redskins K James Tuthill, ''I stepped to the ball and as soon as I put my left foot down I was sliding so I threw my right foot at it to get my foot on the ball before I went down. I did do that but I didn't have a good chance to make the field goal.''

Redskins long snapper Ethan Albright, ''I probably should have asked for a different football. But I've snapped worse balls than that. But with a long field goal and in that situation, I should have asked for a dry ball, even though I'm not sure they would have had any.''

Redskins LT Chris Samuels, ''We've got to win out. It's not time to panic, but we need to get a sense of urgency. This has been tough. We were 8-8 my first year and 8-8 last year and now we're in this situation. I want to make the playoffs. I want to see how it feels.''

Redskins LB Jeremiah Trotter on tight end Jeremy Shockey, ''He's a good athlete and he can run well for a big guy. You don't have a lot of tight ends like him in the league. You can put him out at receiver and he's still productive.''

Redskins LB Jessie Armstead, ''Playing for Coach Spurrier is one of the reasons I came to the Redskins. So as time goes on he will get Spurrier type of guys and we will win around here.''

Redskins CB Champ Bailey, ''You can always create another turnover. You can always do something better than what we did. You can't say the offense put us in a bad situation. That's just the nature of the game.''

Shockey on his emotional play, ''That's why I play the game and that's why a lot of people play this game. It's like Tiki shows emotion but he does it with his actions. I try to do it with my actions and with my body.''

Giants QB Kerry Collins, ''Jeremy really created some matchup problems with their linebackers Trotter and Arrington. He was able to break free from them and, after a while, they were all over, holding him and mugging him and that sort of stuff.''

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