Q & A: Vinny Cerrato

Vinny Cerrato answered questions about the acquisition of Miami DE Jason Taylor.

On the details of the Jason Taylor trade:

"Jason Taylor was traded for a second round pick in 2009 and a sixth round pick in 2010.  He will have a physical and will be in sometime tomorrow."

On the type of player Jason Taylor is:

"His play speaks for itself.  It is easy to talk about Jason Taylor.  His statistics back up everything that he has done.  I think one of the more impressive accomplishments is that he has played over 90% of his possible playing time every year.  We had to act after losing our starting defensive end Phillip Daniels.  I talked to Bill Parcells after practice today, and we were able to work something out." 

On the possibility that he may only play for one more year:

"I am 100% confident he will play for more than one year."

On Taylor making the transition to a new environment:

"It is a totally new environment for him.  He is excited for a new start."

On being able to acquire Jason Taylor during this time of the year:

"We are fortunate that there was a guy of his caliber on the market, especially after when one of our players got hurt.  Normally, there is nobody on the market of his caliber.  He is a six time Pro Bowl player, and was the Defensive Player of the Year in 2006.  The timing was right."

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