They Said What?

See what Zorn, Blache, Palermo, Carter, Daniels, Jansen, Sellers and Randle El had to say today. They mostly discuss Jason Taylor, but other topics such as the rookies come up.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On the trade for Jason Taylor:

"When the discussion was made at the administrative level and there was a possibility for a trade, that gives you hope.  Getting it done was another thing.  Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato had to work out the numbers and the details.  I feel very fortunate for them to have worked on getting this trade completed."

On Jason Campbell as a pupil:

"He is an excellent pupil.  He wants to be good, he has real talent, and he is very smart in picking up concepts.  Where he wants to improve is playing in a fluid manner and taking command of the line of scrimmage.  He really grinds himself when he makes a mistake.  I need him to push beyond the mistakes and finish drives in practice and in the games."

On having all 10 draft picks signed and in attendance for the start of training camp:

"Having all of our rookies in gives them a chance to get up to speed quicker.  There is no controversy and nobody down on them.  They get to know their teammates better.  It helps them relax and enjoy the ride."

On Fred Smoot's return to practice a day after hurting his ankle:

"He said it was minor.  He did a great job and was going 100 percent."

On his initial evaluation of Fred Davis from practice:

"I have seen speed and the ability to change direction.  He needs to get comfortable with our style of offense.  The knowledge of how plays are designed and their rhythm is important for rookies to understand, and he is on his way to doing that."

On the development of Colt Brennan:

"He is learning how to be more explosive.  He will not be playing in the shotgun as much.  He is learning a tremendous offense, so he has a long way to go.  He is a great study, loves what he is doing, loves being out here, and the guys will rally around him, and you will see him throwing the ball in preseason."

On his initial impression of Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly:

"Both Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly are explosive off the line of scrimmage.  They are powerful, so defensive backs have to play them perfectly in order to stop them.  They are strong in the upper body, they use their hands well, and when they run vertically they accelerate away from their defenders.  I am excited about all of their physical capabilities, and they will learn as we continue to go, but it will take time for them to get it all down."

Redskins Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache

On the acquisition of Jason Taylor:

"You have to be excited to get a guy that's been a six-time Pro Bowler, a guy with his capability, personality and background.  I think he will be a good addition to our locker room.  I think he will be a good addition to our football team."

On the loss of Phillip Daniels:

"It is a huge loss.  When you lose a guy like Phillip Daniels you lose not just a player, but you lose the man, you lose the leader and you lose a friend.  I think that it is one of the hardest things I've had to deal with.  We will overcome it.  The players will overcome it, but at the same time it is one of the difficult things I have ever had to deal with."

On how he is dealing with the injury to Phillip Daniels:

"He has worked so hard this offseason.  The real tragedy is the injury, but also the amount of effort and work he has put into being here this year to try and win a championship.  To see him go down the very first day was very difficult.  The more you know this man the harder it is to accept.  He brings so much to the table, to his teammates and into the locker room.  He is so unselfish."

On the news of Jason Taylor coming to the Redskins:

"His tenacity [is impressive].  He has a great motor and plays the game with a passion.  He goes one hundred percent.  He has toughness.  He is a total football player that plays the run and rushes the passer.  He will be a good addition because he fits the type of guy we look for here.  He has the MO of a real nasty guy that plays the game for sixty minutes."

On the pairing of Jason Taylor and Andre Carter:

"It is going to create some problems on offense.  One compliments the other and I think that it will be a new dimension for us.  It is one that we are excited about and we are looking forward to working on.  Once we get him in we will go to work on it and see what is best for them and us.  We will come up with a recipe that will hopefully give us the success that we are looking for." 

On the ability that Jason Taylor has to stop the run:

"He is still very strong.  He is a tough and disciplined player.  I think he is savvy and strong enough.  We will find out as we go into the season.  Obviously, we felt strongly enough about him that we were able to invest the draft picks and the finances to bring him here." 

Redskins Defensive Line Coach John Palermo

On Jason Taylor as a player:

"His reputation precedes him.  I have seen him over the years.  He is a great football player and asset. 

On what makes Taylor so good:

"He has experience, athleticism, and is a proven pass rusher that has done so consistently over the years.  He is also a quality person."

On losing two defensive ends on the first day of training camp:

"It kind of blindsided me.  I really got emotionally attached to Phillip Daniels in a short period of time.  His loss for the season obviously bothers me because he is not only a great football player, but a great man.  When Alex Buzbee got hurt, his Achilles popped practicing punt protection.  I do not know how you explain things like that, but unfortunately they happened and now we have to be able to move forward."

On his initial reaction to the Jason Taylor trade:

"It is obvious that the better players you have, the better coach you are.  I am still distraught about the injuries to Phillip Daniels and Alex Buzbee, but we have to move forward.  But to be able to plug someone in that quickly who is such a good player makes you feel good as a coach."

Redskins Defensive End Andre Carter

On his reaction to the injury of Philip Daniels and the acquisition of Jason Taylor:

"The loss of Phillip Daniels was definitely a key loss, especially how it happened.  That is the training camp blues, unfortunately.  Bringing in Jason Taylor is definitely a blessing.  It is another addition to the defensive line that will help us stop the run and get after the passer.  Having him on the other end is a great deal."   

On what the acquisition of Jason Taylor will add to the defense:

"That will open things up as far as having the four-man rush.  Throughout the end of the season they were doing a lot of two-man protection with the tackle and me.  Having Jason Taylor on the other side will open things up for the both of us, as well as the tackle.  Somebody is going to come free and have one-on-one opportunities versus the pass."

On if he anticipated the trade being made:

"When something like this goes down, especially when your main starter gets hurt, you know somebody is coming in.  It is just a matter of who it is."

On the possibility of switching to left end:

"If that happens, then that would probably be the coach's call.  I played left side in the past, even though it has been a few years.  It is better to learn now than have to later during the season.  I am just optimistic about it."

On a player the quality of Jason Taylor coming to the Redskins:

"Having a guy like Jason Taylor, with the level of production he has had throughout the years and his leadership, will be a big boost for us on defense.  We are all excited."

Redskins Defensive End Phillip Daniels

On his initial thoughts at the time of the injury:

"I knew it was pretty bad. I didn't know whether it was a hyperextension or if I hurt something.  I really didn't feel anything pop.  I grabbed it and I had a lot of pain.  When I got up and couldn't put any pressure on it, I realized it was probably worse than I thought.  Everybody thought it was just an injury that I usually come back from and that is what I was thinking too.  I was hoping for good news, but it turned out that I tore my ACL."  

On what he thought about when the injury happened:

"I didn't have a whole lot of time to think.  I got showered and went straight to the MRI.  When I got there I was hoping for good news.  I gathered myself and got a little sleep while I was in the MRI, but when I came out the look on the doctor's face told me a lot.  He didn't want to say anything in front of the guys that were there.  When he came out, I looked at him and asked him how serious it was and he didn't say much.  I knew right there it was bad news.  In the hallway he told me and I just broke down and cried a little bit to get that out the way.  It's tough because I went through this offseason and trained hard.  I trained harder than I have ever trained in my life.  This was going to be my year to come out and do some great things for this team and get this team to the Super Bowl.  It hurts the most that I trained so hard and now it's gone.  I will be here and be around the guys, coaching them, and helping them out.  It's good that we have Jason Taylor out there to come in here and take my place to help this team get to the Super Bowl.  Jason is a proven player who has done a lot of great things in this league and it's good that he was sitting there.  Dan Snyder [was able to] go out and get him and help us get to where we need to be." 

On the support he has gotten from his teammates:

"It means a lot.  My teammates are my second family.  I am around these guys most of my life in sports.  It hurts the D-line because I lead all the drills.  Demetric Evans said it best yesterday.  When I wasn't there to lead the drills, it really set in.  The coordinator said he doesn't usually cry, but I think he shed some tears yesterday.  And I cried so much earlier that I couldn't cry anymore.  It was one of those things where I am glad my teammates supported me.  I appreciate all the concern and prayers.  James Thrash prayed for me just before I went to the MRI.  I thought it was going to be good news, but it wasn't.  What am I going to do from here?  I am not going anywhere.  I am not going to be done.  I am still going to play.  I am going to rehab hard and come back.  Everybody says that I am 36 next year, but I am still young and I still feel good.  I felt great going into this year and I am still going to feel great about rehabbing.  Everything I do I do hard.  I am going to come out here and train hard.  Whether it's playing or coaching, we will see.  Hopefully I get another opportunity to finish my career on a high note and not end it this way.  That is the one thing I thought about.  Do I want my career to end this way?  I really don't.  But if it does end this way I have had a great career and I have done a lot of good things.  I am going to trade hard to come back."

On the news of Jason Taylor coming to the Redskins:

"It was great to hear that he was coming in here and helping us out.  He is a great pass rusher and was the NFL Player of the Year a couple of years ago.  For him to be sitting out there was perfect, really.  If I had to have anybody to come take my place I would want a guy like him who is proven and has done some great things in this league.  He can get us to the Super Bowl.  I told the guys, ‘Don't feel sorry for me.  The one thing you can do for me is get us to the Super Bowl and win it and I will be happy.'"

Redskins Offensive Lineman Jon Jansen

On Jason Taylor as a player:

"Jason Taylor is a player that studies the game, and you cannot just play him one way.  That is why he is such a great player."

Redskins Fullback Mike Sellers

On the acquisition of Jason Taylor

"We are happy.  After Phillip Daniels went down, we did not know what to expect.  We know this will mean more sacks for us, which will give us a chance to get the offense on the field more often."

Redskins Wide Receiver Antwaan Randle El

On the Jason Taylor trade:

"It means a lot for an offense because he has the ability to cause turnovers.  It helps the team out, and we are happy we got him."

On the play of wide receivers Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly:

"Both of them bring speed and an ability to get the ball when it is in the air.   They have responded well when they have been put in the fire.  They have shown up and been where they were supposed to be."

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