Redskins Training Camp: Day 2

John Keim reports on his observations from the Redskins' second day of Training Camp under Jim Zorn. John touches on a lot of different subjects including some lighter sides of the players and coaches.

Thoughts and observations:

...There's a real buzz among the players about Jason Taylor's arrival. There's also a real genuine sadness about Phillip Daniels. But the reality is he's done and Taylor is the new guy in town.

The auditorium was packed for his press conference, mostly filled with staffers and front office types, all of whom applauded when Taylor walked into the room. He then showed why he has a future in Hollywood, or at least in front of the camera. He's very smooth, quick-witted and, yes, handsome. Man has it all.

...Here's what he said about his postseason career: nothing. "It's football season; there is no entertainment. There is no dancing, unless it's to celebrate big plays."

...Not sure what his number will be; he was going to discuss the No. 99 with Andre Carter tonight.

...Having Taylor and Carter on the field at the same time should – should – present problems for offenses. Both are coming off double-digit sack seasons.

"You always have to account for him," right tackle Jon Jansen said.

"Anytime you look across the line and find a pair of guys it slows you down. You've got to find him and make your call and if he moves you have to make your recall and with a guy like Jason Taylor, you've got to know where he is on the field all the time. If you don't, the quarterback is gonna get hurt."

...There are definitely some in the NFL who wonder what Taylor has left and that he didn't deserve his Pro Bowl nod last season. And they don't think he can play the run that effectively anymore. The Redskins would shift from a run-stopping line to a pass-rushing one, especially if Erasmus James can get healthy.

...Sight of the day: Coach Jim Zorn holding London Fletcher's 15-month old daughter, standing underneath a tree, while Fletcher addressed the media.

...Worst sight of the day: Phillip Daniels on crutches, standing in the lobby.

"I broke down and cried a little bit," Daniels said when he learned the news. "It's tough. I went through this offseason and trained as hard as I ever trained in my life. This was my year to come out and do some great things for this team and get this team to the Super Bowl. That hurts the most."

...Now comes the question about his future. Will he have one in Washington? He'll be 36 next season and coming off knee surgery.

"Hopefully I get another opportunity to come back and finish my career on a high note," said Daniels. "I don't want it to end this way. If it does, I've had a great career. [But] I'm going to train hard to come back."

...Vinny Cerrato angered members of the media when he, um, told less than the truth about the Jason Taylor situation. At 5 p.m. Sunday, Cerrato said he hadn't talked to the Dolphins and denied anything was imminent. A little more than an hour later the trade was finalized. And a day later he told several outlets that he had talked to Bill Parcells three times during the afternoon practice.

There's two things here: one, it's nothing new; two, it'll always happen. Just the way it is.

...Demetric Evans knocked over Jon Jansen during an 11-on-11 session. Jansen appeared to set awkwardly, leading to the trouble. But Jansen got the best of him the next play, setting much better.

...The guy I want to see more of is rookie end Rob Jackson, who shows flashes of quickness and seems to have a few moves. Who knows how he'll be with the pads on, but he bears watching.

...Malcolm Kelly seems to make an acrobatic catch every practice. Did it again this afternoon, with a leaping grab over Byron Westbrook down the side. Jason Campbell is learning that all you have to do is lob it up to him and he'll make a play. Red zone anyone?

...The defense did an excellent job against the screen pass this afternoon. Evans and London Fletcher blew up a couple, particularly Fletcher.

...I like what I see of Justin Tryon so far. Kid has attitude – cocky, but confident – and his exuberance will make him a fan favorite if he ever gets to play a lot. He seems to make a decent number of plays in practice.

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