Redskins Training Camp: Day 3

John Keim reports on his observations from the Redskins' third day of Training Camp under Jim Zorn. Read about who got lit up by Blades, which rookie some veterans really like and which DE has been standing out.

...Jason Taylor's first day as a Redskin was rather uneventful, a welcomed change after the first two days in Ashburn. Taylor went against Jon Jansen one time in a nine-on-nine drill and Jansen was able to stop him.

When the two matched up again later, Jansen jumped early. That's a five-yard loss attributable to being so antsy to get a jump on Taylor.

Later, against Todd Wade, Taylor showed why he's so good. His hands are fantastic, making up for his slight frame. He gets his hands inside so fast, enabling him to gain leverage – even against larger opponents. It'll serve him well against the run, though that's still considered a weakness.

Guys like Taylor are difficult because of their quick first steps. What happens is this: offensive linemen end up reaching too wide to contain them, allowing Taylor to get his hands inside.

...One veteran, when asked if any young players had stood out to him, dropped one name: Chad Rinehart. Really thinks he can develop into a quality backup this year and step into the lineup next year. So far, Rinehart looks pretty good in the run game. But at times he still stands too upright in pass blocking. He's working on the left side for the most part.

...Defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery is working extra hard on trying to stay low. His main problem in the past is that he'll engage blockers, then try to look over them to see where the ball, or quarterback, is. And once he does that the opponent wins.

...H.B. Blades lit up Clinton Portis this afternoon, leading Fred Smoot to shout out, "That's football all right!"

...Demetric Evans has stood out among the defensive linemen. He looks a bit quicker and stronger. He's batted down passes, snuffed out screens and gotten inside tackles. One day after knocking Jansen on his back side, he did the same to Todd Wade today in a one-on-one drill. He's becoming a savvy veteran.

...The coaches are thrilled with the performance of Randy Thomas and Jon Jansen on the right side of the line. They look like they're ready to play right away. Jansen looks a half-step slower – or still working up to full speed -- but he insists that's not the case.

...End Chris Wilson hasn't shown much in camp. Gets stopped too easily. Still very slight, but has not advanced as a rusher.

...Wilson got mad after a play in the one-on-one drill vs. Devin Clark. Not sure what happened, but Wilson got mad and went after Clark. DL coach John Palermo yelled at Wilson, "That's not him! That's not him!" In other words, it wasn't his fault Wilson ended up on the ground. It was Wilson's.

But this led to some barking back and forth between the lines, with Kedric Golston yelling, "You all just had one. Just pipe down." Apparently, the OLinemen were upset about a previous play. And one player shouted out, about Wilson, "He called him the N word!"

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